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Neuroscience Course Offerings

Current Course Offerings

The following Neuroscience courses will be offered in the 2016-17 academic year. Course numbers link to the academic timetable course description, while the course name will link to the course syllabi when available. 

Course number Course Syllabus Term Offered
NESC 2007 Neuroscience Principles and Methods Fall
NESC 2130 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology Fall
NESC 2140 Learning Winter
NESC 2150 Perceptual Processes Fall
NESC 2160 Animal Behaviour Fall & Winter
NESC 2470 Systems Neuroscience Winter
NESC 2570 Cellular Neuroscience Fall
NESC 3000X/Y Independent Research in Neuroscience
(contact John Christie)
NESC 3001 Directed Project in Neuroscience
(contact John Christie)
Fall & Winter
NESC 3010X/Y Advanced General Psychology Fall/Winter
NESC 3043 Neurobiology of Learning  Winter
NESC 3044 Laboratory Methods of Learning and Conditioning Winter
NESC 3051 Sensory Neuroscience I Vision Winter
NESC 3052 Sensory Neuroscience II Hearing and Speech Not offered this year
NESC 3131 Research Methods in Attention Not offered this year
NESC 3132 Research Methods in Visual Cognition Not offered this year
NESC 3133 Research Methods in Memory Fall
NESC 3134 Research Methods in Psycholinguistics  Not offered this year
NESC 3137 Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience Winter
NESC 3161 Measuring Behaviour Fall & Winter
NESC 3162 Advanced Animal Behaviour: Theories and Applications Winter
NESC 3165 Neuroethology Fall
NESC 3170 Hormones and Behaviour Winter
NESC 3180 Psychoneuroimmunology/Ecological Immunology Winter
NESC 3190 Psycholinguistics Fall
NESC 3227 Principles of Human Neuropsychology Fall
NESC 3237 Drugs and Behaviour Winter
NESC 3260 Biological Rhythms  Not offered this year
NESC 3264 The Science of Sleep Winter
NESC 3270 Developmental Neuroscience Not offered this year
NESC 3370 Neuroscience Laboratory I Not offered this year
NESC 3371 Neuroscience Laboratory II Fall & Winter
NESC 3440 Neuroanatomy
(contact William Baldridge)
NESC 3670 Genes, Brain and Behaviour Fall
NESC 3770 Behavioural Neuroscience Fall
NESC 3775 Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory Winter
NESC 3790 Neurolinguistics  Not offered this year
NESC 3970 Molecular Neuroscience Not offered this year
NESC 4000 Senior Seminar 
(contact John Christie)
NESC 4007 Contemporary Issues in Neuroscience Fall
NESC 4050 Topics in Perception  Not offered this year
NESC 4070 Chemical Neurobiology
(contact Kazue Semba)
NESC 4130 Topics in Cognition (W) Winter
NESC 4140 Animal Learning Topics Fall
NESC 4160 Topics in Behavioural Biology Not offered this year
NESC 4170 Topics in Behavioural Neuroendocrinology  Not offered this year
NESC 4177 Theoretical Neuroscience
(contact Thomas Trappenberg)
Not offered this year
NESC 4185 Current Advances in Synaptic Function and Plasticity
(contact Stefan Krueger)
NESC 4230 Human Performance Topics  Not offered this year
NESC 4500X/Y Honours Thesis
(contact an Honours Advisor)
NESC 4587 Topics in the History of Neuroscience Winter
NESC 4705 Neurotechnology, Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Winter
NESC 4740 Topics in the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
Not offered this year