Honours Program

Students who wish to enter into the Honours program require approval of both the Psychology and Neuroscience Department and the Registrar (see the Calendar for a full description of university regulations governing Honours programs). Students who have graduated from Dalhousie with a BA or BSc (15 or 20 credit) may return for an additional year to obtain an Honours Certificate. Admission requirements are the same as those listed for Honours students. If you want to have more information, you can contact either a Psychology or Neuroscience Honours advisor to make an appointment.  Application deadline is March 6th.

Honours Eligibility and Application [PDF 68 KB]
Honours Seminar Topics 2020-21 [PDF 55 KB]

University Requirements

Admission to the Honours program requires approval of both the Psychology Department and the Registrar. See the Academic Calendar for a full description of university regulations governing Honours programs.

  1. Four years — A total of 21 full credits are required. All credits must be from the College of Arts and Science except for certain electives described on page 73 of the Calendar

  2. After the first year, at least 9 and no more than 11 full credits in Psychology (beyond PSYO 1000 level) must be taken

  3. After completing the 5 first year credits, BA students must take a least 2 full credits in a single subject other than Psychology, and at least 1 full credit in a third different subject. BSc students are required to take 4 to 6 full credits in subjects other than Psychology and Neuroscience

  4. At least 12 credits must be completed in classes beyond the 1000 level

  5. BA and BSc students must satisfy their respective language and mathematics requirements (See section at beginning of Guide on first year requirements)

  6. In the fourth year, Honours students receive a 21st grade (the Honours Qualifying Examination) based on the quality of the Honours thesis. This is a Pass/Fail grade.


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