Amy Goldbloom

My background in economics was an excellent foundation for a career in capital markets.

Amy Goldbloom - BSc Honours 2003  - I graduated with my Honours in Economics from Dalhousie University in 2003 and subsequently completed my Masters of Arts in Economics from Queen's University. Throughout my studies I had an interest in both development economics and the business world - not the most usual combination! My thesis at Queen's - "Trade, Growth, and Poverty: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Estimation" was an extension of the work I was doing in my final year at Dalhousie. While I seriously contemplated the PhD route, I decided my skill set was better suited to the applied world of finance and business.

Upon graduating from Queen's, I was hired by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal in Toronto where I worked as an economist for a year.  My year at the provincial government was a tremendous learning experience.  I was able to watch the provincial budgeting process from start to finish and conduct some extensive econometric analysis in the area of health care economics.  While I enjoyed my year there, I knew my passion for economics always had more of a macroeconomic bent.  I left Queen's Park in 2006 and headed to Bay Street to work as an Economist at RBC Financial Group. 

I have now been with RBC for 6 years and counting.  I spent my first three years as an Economist conducting macroeconomic analysis with a focus on housing and provincial economics.  I was responsible to analyze, forecast, and publish regular research reports on a variety of current economic issues.  The global economy was on the brink of the biggest recession since the Great Depression so there was certainly no shortage of material to analyze.  The job relied heavily upon my public speaking skills as I was frequently called on to present my analysis both internally within RBC and externally to clients and the media.  I moved on to the Institutional Equity Desk three years ago.  In my current role as Vice President, Global Equities, I provide equity sales coverage to several institutional funds including a variety of asset managers and pension funds.  To fulfill this responsibility, I need to follow both the stock market and the economy very closely.  The days are always dynamic and challenging especially given the volatility of the markets over the last couple of years.  I am often asked which role I prefer.  The truth is that each is very unique in its own right, and both experiences have each ultimately helped expand my understanding of economics and financial markets. 

My background in economics was an excellent foundation for a career in capital markets.  The intellectual challenge of my in-depth training in economics prepared me to cope in the high stress environment of Bay Street.  I still keep in contact with many of my fellow colleagues and professors from my days at both Dalhousie and Queen's.  We all follow similar blogs and research and still love to get together for a good debate about the state of the economy!