Huixin Duan

Bsc. Honours

Huixin Duan 2

The time I studied at Dal brought me not only glory and success, but also courage and persistence.

As a student of the Dal-SDUFE 2+2 program, I am very glad and thankful that I chose Dalhousie University to be the place where I pursued my dream and forged ahead. Thanks to the patient guidance of my professors and the enthusiastic help of my classmates, I quickly adapted to Canada’s learning mode and pace. The faculty of Economics provides students with three graduation options: the bachelor’s degree in economics, bachelor's degree with double majors, and the honours degree in economics. The diversification of courses fully certified my passion for economics. With a variety of opportunities provided by Dal for all students regardless of year or program to exchange and study together, I clearly understood the close relationship between curriculum planning and career development from senior students. My inner voice told me that I knew what I wanted and was willing to learn more comprehensive, more in-depth economics courses, so I was determined to complete the honours degree program. Starting from the first course, I scientifically planned the courses and grades for the next two years. Starting from the first assignments and exams, I made full use of strategic thinking and considered how to flexibly achieve A+ in each course step by step based on all the possible scores in mid-term and homework.

The economic thinking guides my daily behavior, makes my goals visible, and then enables me to stride forward solidly and confidently towards success despite challenges. What impressed me most was the sincere care and love of Dal tutors. They are ready for students to ask them questions on various subjects. Even if some questions were childish, they would tell students their answers and the thinking logic behind them in detail. They can remember almost every student who has attended the class and greet them warmly when they meet on the way. They care about the development of the students, just like they treat their family. The deepest impression is when I applied for the graduate program, I have let my favorite and most respected professor who taught my class in my senior year took pains to write me a dozen recommendation letters, the professor would ask me the application progress every time when I met him. He helped me calmly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each school and helped me make the best choice. I was so grateful to him that I gave him a big hug when I graduated. Finally, I ended my study in Dalhousie University with the Econometrics Prize and the first-class Honours Degree. And I began my study at UBC, which started with the admission scholarship.

The time I studied at Dal brought me not only glory and success, but also courage and persistence. It taught me that dreams are not far away as long as you have a clear plan, determination to work hard, patience and confidence all the time. The effect is still significant today.

After graduating from UBC, I am in charge of non-performing assets management in the head office of Ever-growing Bank in China. With Dal and UBC's learning experience, I continued to use game theory thinking to make my present workplace my optimal choice. Working life is full of unknown challenges in the workplace. Compared with the economics theory and knowledge, the economics thinking guided all my business operations and the interpersonal communication to a great extent. I often think of myself when I was at Dal. That was the way I liked myself the most where I never got flustered or scared. I hope to grow up together with Dal, sticking to the original aspiration and making steady progress.