Economics is fundamental for understanding society’s current challenges. Why are some people rich and others poor? What are the economic causes and consequences of climate change? What determines the growth rate, productivity and economic well-being of nations? What (if anything) should we do? Economists examine how to utilize the world’s limited resources to serve society best, while employing scientific methods to measure and analyze the behavior of people.

As a science, economics derives logical conclusions from basic facts and premises. As a social science, economics examines the determinants of human well-being. As J.M. Keynes remarked: “The master-economist must combine talents (and) be mathematicians, historians, statesman and philosopher-in some degree.”

Dalhousie's Department of Economics offers a full slate of undergraduate and graduate programs, including Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, Master of Arts, Master of Development Economics, and PhD. The Department has a diverse faculty. As well as teaching, faculty members conduct advanced research in their fields. Our diverse group of students have a variety of opportunities for study and research including co-operative education and inter-national exchange programs. The Department also regularly hosts seminars and public events that provide opportunities to share research and new ideas.

Dalhousie graduates with degrees in economics have gone on to become policy makers, re-searchers, teachers, consultants and business owners. The study of economics is also a good basis for further education in law, commerce, environmental or developmental studies, and other social sciences.

What will I learn?


In class, we study everything from banking and trade to health and global warming. Economics provides a rigorous scientific method you can use to examine everything we do as a society.

Economics Course Offerings & Syllabi

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You never know where an economics degree might take you, but chances are, it's somewhere interesting. Read profile of Ian Sherwood, professional musician and Dal economics grad.


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