Richard Price

Professor, Department of Dental Clinical Sciences, School of Biomedical Engineering

richard price


Richard Price, BDS, DDS, MS, FDS RCS, FRCD(C), PhD
Phone: 902-494-1226
Fax: 902-494-2527


Our Group

My laboratory is currently investigating the longevity of posterior resin composite restorations, the light output from dental curing lights in dental offices, the existence of any 'blue-light' hazard, and the benefits of fast vs. slow curing of dental restorations.


Population Based Comparison of the Long-Term Survival and Costs of Posterior Amalgam and Resin Composite Restorations
Developing a New Standard for Reporting the Light Output from Dental Curing Lights
Defining the Requirements for a Commercial Device for Assessing the Adequacy of the Polymerisation of Light Cured Polymeric Resin Materials
An Evaluation of Six Light-Emitting Diode Curing Lights to Cure Two Composites

Selected Publications

CB André, G Nima, M Sebold, M Giannini, and RB Price (2018) Stability of the Light Output, Oral Cavity Tip Accessibility in Posterior Region and Emission Spectrum of Light-Curing Units. Operative Dentistry In-Press.
MM AlShaafi, A AlQussier, MQ AlQahtani, and RB Price (2018) Effect of Mold Type and Diameter on the Depth of Cure of Three Resin-Based Composites. Operative Dentistry In-Press.
Enhancing the Value of Dental Biomaterials Research:" Reducing the Noise".
RB Price, AC Shortall, and WM Palin. Contemporary Issues in Light Curing. Operative Dentistry (2014) Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 4-14.
RB Price, HE Strassler, HL Price, S Seth, CJ Lee. The effectiveness of using a patient simulator to teach light-curing skills. Journal of the American Dental Association (2014) 145(1):32-43.
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