Congratulations, graduates!

We send our warmest congrats to our 2018 graduates:

Kristin Ko, MASc
Elise Laende, PhD
Kathleen MacDonald, PhD
Sarah Sparavalo, MASc
Shijie Zhou, PhD




Congratulations to all presenters at our annual Research Day- it was filled with inspiring talks from our guest speakers and exciting work from our students.

A special acknowledgement to this year’s award winners in the following categories:

MASc Research Presentation Award

1st place Cody Church
"Respiratory impedance modelling predictions using graded 3He inhaled gas magnetic resonance imaging"
2nd place Francis Morin "The effects of optical clearing agents on tympanoplasty graft materials for use in middle ear optical coherance tomography"
Honourable Mention
Tyler Herod "Thermomechanical analysis of collagen crosslinking in the lumbar intervertebral disc annulus"


PhD Research Presentation Award:

1st place Kathryn Young "Patients not reporting improvements in pain and function post-total knee arthroplasty demonstrate poor improvement during gait"
2nd place Jasmin Astle "Transmission electron microscopy reveals new details of the initiation of collagen fibril damage during tendon overload"
Honourable Mention Chris Samson "Sparse orthogonal diverging wave imaging on a high-frequency phased array"

Annual Awards

George W. Holbrook Award Rishima Agarwal A Master’s student who has outstanding submitted or published work during their course of study
Community Builder Prize Kristin Ko A student who has demonstrated an altruistic commitment to the betterment of their community and the lives of others.
Teaching Prize Dr. John Frampton Excellence and achievement in teaching, mentoring, and development of learning assets

Congratulations once again to all award winners!