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For Faculty & Staff

SBME Policies

Academic policies, committee meeting forms and comprehensive examination forms can be found here.

A presentation on safety policies in the department can be found here.

Standing Committees of the SBME

Appointments   Daniel Boyd (Chair), John Kozey, Jeremy Brown, Robert Rose
Promotion & Tenure   Ad hoc        
Curriculum   Rob Adamson (Chair), Sarah Wells, Mike Lee, Jeremy Brown and Adam Brown (Student Rep.) 

Graduate Studies, Scholarships & Prizes

  Janie Wilson (Chair), John Frampton, Steven Beyea and Mike Lee

BioMedic Scientific Committee

  Cheryl Kozey (Director), Geoff Maksym, Manohar Bance, David Roach, Jim Elsmere, and Jeremy Brown
Recruiting & Outreach   Jeremy Brown, Rob Adamson, Sarah Wells and Student Rep. (TBA)
Research and Resources   Janie Wilson, Mike Lee, Geoff Maksym and Cheryl Kozey
Lab Safety   Paul Gratzer, Mark Filiaggi and Student Rep. (TBA)
Seminar Coordinator   John Frampton