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SBME Policies

Academic policies, committee meeting forms and comprehensive examination forms can be found here.

A presentation on safety policies in the department can be found here.

Standing Committees of the SBME

Terms of Reference

Appointments   Daniel Boyd (Chair), Jason Gu, Gabrielle Horne, John Kozey
Promotion & Tenure   Ad hoc        
Curriculum   Graduate Coordinator (Chair), Sarah Wells,  John Frampton, Paul Gratzer

Graduate Studies, Scholarships & Prizes

  Graduate Coordinator (Chair), John Frampton, Steven Beyea, Paul Gratzer  

BioMedic Scientific Committee

  Cheryl Kozey, Geoff Maksym, David Roach,  Jeremy Brown
Recruiting & Outreach   Brendan Leung, Paul Gratzer, Administrator, student representative
Seminar Coordinator   John Frampton