Janie Wilson

Director, Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering

J. Wilson


Janie Wilson, PhD
Email: janie.wilson@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-6950
Web: www.dal.ca/dohmlab

My research program focusses on the development of biomechanical and statistical modeling techniques for understanding the mechanical pathways of knee osteoarthritis development and progression, and to optimize treatment strategies, including total knee replacement.

Our Group

My laboratory, the Dynamics of Human Motion lab, is a biomechanics facility that is designed primarily for three-dimensional gait analysis, with state of the art motion capture equipment, force platforms within a 6-meter walkway, and a strength testing system. We host a steady stream of research participants with varying levels of knee osteoarthritis (OA), from asymptomatic healthy adults, to those with an early diagnosis of knee OA, and then to the end stages of the disease process before and after surgery. We use this large and comprehensive dataset of human mechanics to model features of disease initiation, progression and response to treatment. 


Gait Mechanics Before and After Total Knee Replacement Surgery: I am examining the change in knee joint and muscle mechanics (knee kinematics, kinetics and neuromuscular control) before and after surgery in a large cohort of participants with end stage knee osteoarthritis. Novel statistical and biomechanical modeling techniques are used to identify subgroups among patients who cluster in terms of their joint-level mechanics and how they respond to surgery. (CIHR-funded)
Longitudinal Knee OA Development and Progression and Risk Factor Models: I am examining the role of joint kinematics, kinetics and neuromuscular control in the longitudinal structural development and progression of knee osteoarthritis in a large cohort of participants with and without existing diagnosed knee OA. I am specifically looking at the interacting role between two potent knee OA risk factors, obesity and female sex, to examine biomechanical pathways for their role in knee OA pathomechanics. (NSHRF-funded)
Joint Kinetics Modeling in the Study of Knee Osteoarthritis: I am developing and implementing a series of both statistical and biomechanical modeling tools for improved joint-level force prediction, in terms of accuracy of magnitude and pattern of force profiling. Models include behavioral models that capture and use subject-specific muscle activation, joint kinematics and net resultant kinetics, and anatomy to calculate inter-segmental joint contact forces during dynamic tasks. Statistical models aim to succinctly capture the joint mechanics variability among participants in an effort to reduce volumes of data collected during gait trials and to objectively quantify salient features within the data that have discriminative ability relative to knee osteoarthritis. (NSERC-funded)


Selected Publications

The reliability of radiostereometric analysis in determining physeal motion in slipped capital femoral epiphysis in standard uniplanar and low-dose EOS biplanar radiography. A phantom model study. Hurry JK, Rehan S, Astephen Wilson JL, Spurway A, Logan K, El-Hawary R. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics. 2018. In Press.
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