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Aboriginal and Indigenous Law Specialization

Aboriginal and Indigenous law intersects with almost every other area of the law in Canada. As we work toward reconciliation and Indigenous self-governance, the needs and aspirations of Indigenous communities continue to grow in scope and complexity and it is crucial for legal professionals to have a background in this area.

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Business Law Specialization

Our business law specialization is one of the strongest in Canada. We understand businesses operate in larger social, economic and political contexts. We care about the interactions of business law and policy with technology, governance and stakeholder rights, economic, social and environmental justice.

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Criminal Justice Specialization

We are committed to providing a broad, practical, and well-rounded educational experience to students studying criminal justice. Our course offerings include both large and small group classes that combine lectures, discussions, and active learning techniques. They provide training in trial and appellate advocacy skills, in-depth approaches to advanced concepts, and substantial opportunities for experiential and clinical learning.

Schulich Law's criminal justice faculty members are world reknowned experts in their field. Students have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors who are passionately devoted to mentoring students.

If you believe that criminal justice goes beyond enforcing the law to examine the factors behind why crimes happen, and have passion to serve the community and make a difference, Schulich Law is the place for you.

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Health Law and Policy Specialization

Dalhousie is taking the lead when it comes to raising a new generation of students trained in health law. Not only do we have one of the largest health law class offerings in Canada, we also offer lectures and courses to students in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education levels.

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Marine & Environmental Law Specialization

The Marine & Environmental Law Program at the Schulich School of Law is internationally recognized for excellence in marine and environmental law teaching, research and capacity building. Students have a unique opportunity to learn about public and private law practice in marine (including shipping) and environmental law taught from domestic and international perspectives.

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Law & Technology Specialization

We offer one of the strongest Law and Technology programs in the country. With ubiquitous computing and online connectivity, advances in biotechnology, big data storage and search, and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, questions of law, technology, policy, ethics, and society are of increasing importance and public concern. Our program is designed to prepare law students for technologies of today and tomorrow, with a variety of courses engaging with and thinking critically about issues and problems at the intersections of law, technology, and society.

The Program is anchored by the Law and Technology Institute—founded to promote scholarly legal research and advance knowledge in technology law. LATI was among the first such research centers in the country; our flagship publication the Canadian Journal of Law and Technology. The CJLT is Canada’s leading technology law journal, with significant impact, currency, and citation scores ranking it 8th over all among Canadian law journals, and 3rd overall internationally among all science and technology law journals outside the United States.

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