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Professor Emeritus Wayne MacKay ft in "Access issues abound with new Nova Scotia cybersafety laws, says expert" The Lawyer's Daily (July 18)

Professor Robert Currie ft in " 'See you in court' aunt tells nephew after $1.2-million Chase the Ace win" CBC News Nova Scotia (July 12)

Professor Emeritus Wayne MacKay ft in "New act makes filing cyber-safety complaint too costly, complicated: privacy lawyer" The Chronicle Herald (July 11)

Professor Emeritus Wayne MacKay ft in "Intimate images and cyber-protection legislation being proclaimed: Will it survive a charter challenge?" The Sheldon MacLeod Show [1 p.m. show] (July 6)

Professor Emeritus Wayne MacKay ft in "New legislation on intimate images" CBC Radio Information Morning Nova Scotia (July 6)

Professor Emeritus Wayne MacKay ft in "Redrafted Nova Scotia anti-cyberbullying law comes into force" [syndicated] The Canadian Press (July 5)



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