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Professor Robert Currie ft in "Case highlights issues of Charter, joint probes" The Lawyers Weekly (February 24)  

Professor Robert Currie ft in "Law students examine suspected wrongful convictions" The Lawyers Weekly (February 17)

Professor Robert Currie ft in "'How would you know what your rights are?': Secret policies govern cellphone searches at the Canadian border" CBC News (February 17)  

Professor Robert Currie ft in "Conviction in Sask. Trudeau online threat case a rarity, says law prof." CBC News (February 16)

Professor Archie Kaiser ft in "Greyhound bus beheader seeks total freedom: Absolute discharge explained" Global News (February 7)

Professor Naiomi Metallic ft in "Nova Scotia's slow journey to judicial equity" CBC News (February 5)

Students Jessica Habet, Ria Guidone, and Emily McCormick ft in "U.S. travel ban sparks 'research-a-thon' at Dalhousie University" CBC News (February 4)

Students Bart Soroka and Thiago Buchert, and Professor Constance MacIntosh ft in "Canadian law students research ways to challenge the Safe Third Country Agreement" Metro News Halifax (February 4)

Student Jeremy Ryant ft in "More than a Broken Promise: Why Abandoning Electoral Reform Hurts People Who Don’t Care About Politics the Most" National Newswatch (February 3)

Professor Robert Currie ft in "Legal experts closely watching Michael Kydd’s Twitter lawsuit" The Coast (February 2)

Professors Jonathan Shapiro and Constance MacIntosh ft in "Dalhousie University law professors want action against travel ban" Global News (February 1)



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