Alumni? Make the most of your connection

It all starts here…

What do the leader of Canada’s Green Party, the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada and the lawyer who freed boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter have in common?

All three – Elizabeth May, the Honourable Bertha Wilson and Lesra Martin – are alumni of our law school. 

For 130 years, we have graduated leaders in the Weldon Tradition. Politicians such as federal cabinet minister Peter MacKay and provincial premier Darrel Dexter. Corporate powerhouses such as Sir Graham Day. Innovators and activists. Lawyers who have changed the face and voice of Canada's judiciary. They make a difference to thousands of clients every day – helping families navigate the law in some of their most difficult times, advising businesses on major restructurings and working within the complexities of the criminal justice system.

As a graduate of our school, you're already a member of our alumni association. So use the links on this page to explore how you can play a part in developing our leaders of tomorrow, connect and reconnect with your classmates and other alumni, plug in to the knowledge you need – and make the most of your alma mater. 

Did you know?

With a majority of our students coming from outside Atlantic Canada, we are a truly national law school, with alumni from coast to coast to coast.