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Law students honoured in the 2013 Student Impact Awards

Posted by School of Law on March 28, 2013 in Students, News

Kudos to our individual and group winners, nominees, and runners-up in the 2013 Dalhousie Student Impact Awards.

  • MOST CHARITABLE SOCIETY recognizing a top student society that made a significant contribution to charity and sets an example for other student societies: Dalhousie Community Outreach. The executive members of the society are Crystle Hug, Kate Byers, Natasha Meier, Krysten Fisher and Alex MacDonald
  • GOLD D recognizing an elite level of involvement in campus life over her university career: Shannon Paine
  • TOP DSU COUNCIL MEMBER recognizing his commitment to collaborative problem-solving and active representation of his constituency: Kyle DeYoung, Law and Health Admin
  • STUDENT ACTIVIST recognizing her commitment to social justice issues: Roslyn Chambers
  • FACULTY LEADERSHIP AWARD given to students from each faculty who have good academic standing and exemplify the highest level of passion for their discipline: Christopher Keliher
  • LEVEL CHAN AWARD recognizing the Dalhousie student who has exhibited the most significant lifetime achievement of outstanding contribution to student life: Johanna Goosen

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