Course Sequencing

Class sequencing for full-time students

The core classes (including Field) are offered during specific times in each term.

Full-time students who take a course-based program (non-thesis) may expect to complete the program by July of the following year and to graduate in October. Full-time student who elect to do a thesis should expect to spend eight to twelve months more for completion.

Class sequencing for part-time students

To maintain the integrity of the part-time student's academic program, core classes are taken in a prescribed sequence. The elective classes may be taken concurrently with the core classes in any year.

Part-time students who take a course-based option (non-thesis) may expect to spend two to three years to complete the program, graduating in May or October. Part-time students who elect to do a thesis should expect to spend an additional twelve to eighteen months for completion.

  • Continuation as a Thesis Only student, for both full-time and part-time students, requires continuous registration and payment of continuation fees every term until all requirements are complete.
  • It is important for campus students to note that most of the MSW core classes and the requisite agency field placement are available during daytime hours only.

Part-time and full-time/distance and campus MSW course sequencing: