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Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic

We are moving!

On July 31st, we are going to be leaving our location at Veith House and moving to 6054 Quinpool Road, Halifax, N.S. We are so appreciative of the time spent at Veith House and the collaboration with their amazing staff and volunteers.

We will be closed between July 30th and August 1st to accommodate this move.

We are looking forward to the new space and continuing to offer an interdisciplinary learning environment for our students and services for our community members.

The Dalhousie School of Social Work Community Clinic is located in Veith House at 3115 Veith Street, Halifax. The Clinic is staffed by two Dalhousie social work graduates, and conceptualized and managed by the Social Work Field Coordinator, Cyndi Hall and faculty member, Dr. Jeff Karabanow.

Our purpose:

  • to offer undergraduate and graduate students in Health Professions an opportunity to learn frontline practice from a social justice and anti-oppressive perspective
  • to provide support and advocacy
  • and to enhance existing front line services by supporting their work and collaborating on complex cases


We would like to thank Dalhousie University's Faculty of Health Professions, The School of Social Work, The College of Pharmacy and The President’s Office for their continual support of our program, students and clients. We would also like to acknowledge the support of NS Department of Labour and Advanced Education as well as the Chebucto West Community Health Board, the Halifax Community Health Board and the Dalhousie Pharmacy Endowment Fund. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the generosity of individual donations that supported the continuation of Community Clinic services.