Fred R. MacKinnon Award


Earnings from the fund will be used to provide one (or more) annual financial award(s) to a student(s) in the BSW program in the School of Social Work.

The recipient of the Fred R. MacKinnon Award in Social Work will demonstrate good academic standing and a keen interest in social welfare policy and services. The earnings available for spending annually will be determined by the Endowment Management Policy as approved by the Board of Governors of Dalhousie University. If, in any given year, there are no students who meet the requirements as specified, the earnings for that year will be added to the capital of the fund.

Funded by:

Fred R. MacKinnon

Nomination procedure:

By nomination from BSW Committee and/or Faculty

Amount of scholarship: 

To Be Announced

Awarding body:

The BSW Program Committee will receive a recommendation of the class instructor.


Dr. Frederick Ray MacKinnon was a founder of the School of Social Work at Dalhousie University. In the years since 1941, he served as a member of the board of Trustees, served on admissions, fundraising and other committees for many years, and lectured in social welfare policy until his retirement. He was an honorary member of the School’s Advisory Committee.

Dr. MacKinnon was a pioneer in social work and social welfare in Canada. During his long and distinguished career in the public service in Nova Scotia, his work was central to the introduction of a modern social assistance program, the extension of child welfare services, the development of human rights programs that led to the Human Rights Commission, and the establishment of the Senior Citizens’ Secretariat. Throughout his work, he emphasized the role of volunteers and cooperation between government and the private sector.

The Fred R. MacKinnon award in Social Work commemorates his pioneering work and supports his vision of social work and social welfare founded on justice, caring and commitment.