Application Process


Please note that Dalhousie University has transitioned to a new online application portal for the BSW 2025 admissions cycle. Please note, this is not effective for the MSW admission cycle.  The guidelines for submitting and managing supporting documents has been updated (within the online undergraduate application) to reflect this platform change. All BSW supporting documents must still be uploaded/received by the February 15th deadline.

It is recommended to submit the online application and fee before the deadline.  Supporting documents can then be added/uploaded to your profile and referees can receive the reference forms to meet the deadline.

When applying to the School of Social Work, BSW degree, it is important to think of your online application and supporting documents as a complete package. Your file will not be complete until all required supporting documents have been marked as received on your application and your application fee has been paid.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all materials relevant to your application are attached to your BSW application by the deadline of February 15, 11:59 pm Atlantic Time. In the event that the deadline date falls on a weekend or a holiday, please be advised that your application must still be complete by the deadline date.

  • Incomplete and late applications are not considered
  • Equal consideration is given to part time and full time applications
  • Applicants indicate if they wish to apply for campus or online distance delivery
  • Applicants cannot apply for both delivery modes

When completing the general online undergraduate Dalhousie University application, note the following when applying for the BSW degree:

  • Choose Dalhousie University undergraduate application.
  • Choose applying to a degree.
  • For intended study select social work.
  • All supporting documents and additional questions are embedded in this application.

A complete BSW application includes:


The Dalhousie Undergraduate Application form: and application fee

A non-refundable application fee must accompany each application for it to be considered complete and for processing to begin.


Social work statement cover sheet (not an interactive form)[PDF - 66 KB], and paper


Official university transcripts (Highschool transcripts are not required). We require one official transcript from all post-secondary institutions that you have attended, including colleges and institutions attended for an exchange program, or transfer credit.

  • Please note that if an applicant does not include transcripts for all institutions, or reflects attending all institutions in their online application, the Admissions Office will not assess the file.

Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution.  We accept official electronic transcripts from the issuing institution, or the electronic transcript service approved by the issuing institution.  Electronic transcripts can be sent to  

If transcripts are unable to be emailed, here is the mailing address:

Dalhousie University, Office of the Registrar, PO Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2

  • Please note you do not need to provide your Dalhousie or King’s College transcripts. They will be provided to the Admissions Office directly from the Dalhousie University Registrar’s Office.

Work/volunteer summary forms [PDF - 78 KB]

  • Please note this information is now requested within the online undergraduate application.  Be sure to include number of hours per week for each role listed (paid and unpaid) when completing these online forms.  You do not need to send/upload the PDF forms as the information is captured when you complete the experience section in the online undergraduate application.

The BSW application requires two references per the guidelines below:

  • Applicants who are currently attending university or who have graduated within the last three years are required to submit one academic reference and one non academic reference.  An academic reference should be from someone who is familiar with your academic performance (i.e. a professor, university instructor). 
  • If you are unable to secure an academic reference, you may provide two appropriate non-academic references.  Please let us know via email ( why you will not be providing the required academic reference. 
  • A non-academic reference should be submitted by people familiar with your non academic contributions and achievements. (i.e. professional, employment, or volunteer) Note: This should not be a personal friend or family member.
  • For applicants who have been away from university for more than three years, one and/or both references can be non-academic

How to submit

Dalhousie University and the School of Social Work has transitioned to a new online application portal which includes an automatic reference system.  While completing the online application, applicants can input the contact details for their referees and the system will make contact and collect the required references directly into the application portal.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring the references are submitted by the February 15thdeadline.

The BSW application is a self-managed process. Applicants must complete the online Dalhousie Undergraduate Application form and successfully pay the application fee, complete the social work supporting documents work flow and upload any required documents.  Please note if you successfully completed and uploaded your documents within the undergraduate application, do not resend a copy of these documents to the School of Social Work.

Due to the large number of applicants each year, the School of Social Work does not personally confirm receipt of your Supplementary Application documents.  You can track receipt of your supplementary documents on the online check list.  Please note this check list will not update immediately upon receiving your supplementary documents.

Interviews are not part of the admission process unless specifically requested by the Admissions Committee.