Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

The BSW degree is comprised of 120 credit hours

30 credit hours:

These are the basic academic pre-requisite for all applicants to the program.  
These are called Admission Credits.

60 credit hours:

These are the credits that all students are required to complete within the Dalhousie University BSW Program.  

These are called Social Work Credits.

30 credit hours:

These are General Social Sciences Credits taken outside the BSW program:

  1. Some students have more than the 30 Admission Credits at a B- minimum average before beginning the BSW program.  These General Social Sciences Credits are assessed for eligibility at the time of acceptance to the program from the last 60 credit hours completed. These are called Admission Transfer Credits. They may have been completed at Dalhousie or another university.  Please see the Admission Transfer Credit Policy below for requirements.

  2. Some students undertake the additional 30 General Social Sciences Credits during the BSW degree.  These are not admission transfer credits.  These may be taken at Dalhousie or another university and must be assessed as at or above the 2000 level by Dalhousie University. Please review the academic regulations regarding Letter of Permission in the Academic Calendar.

Admission Transfer Credit Policy

Suitable university credits that have been completed with a minimum grade of 2.7 (or B-) are eligible for transfer credit consideration. Community College credits, diploma and certificate work are not eligible for consideration. The following guides the assignment of transfer credit:

  1. Applicants who are admitted with the minimum academic requirement of 30 credit hours are not eligible to receive Admission Transfer Credits.

  2. For those who have more than the minimum noted in #1, a maximum of 30 General Social Sciences credit hours that are complete at the time of application may be eligible for Admission Transfer Credit consideration.

  3. Potential admission transfer credits are assessed for accepted students and only on the last 60 credit hours completed.

  4. Those 60 credit hours must have been completed within 15 years of the BSW program start date.

  5. Regardless of transfer credit eligibility, all students must complete at least 60 credit hours offered by the Dalhousie SSW to complete the BSW degree.

  6. The only exception to the above will be students transferring from other BSW university programs. These students will be governed under the Faculty of Health Policy regarding transfer students. To obtain a BSW degree from Dalhousie, at least half the credits must be taken at Dalhousie University. Transfer credit is assigned as fairly and appropriately as possible, although some loss of credit usually occurs.

Transfer credit assessment is completed after the admission process, and only for successful applicants. Transfer credit is assessed on an individual basis at the School of Social Work.

Required Courses

  • SLWK 2010.03: Introduction to Community Social Work  
  • SLWK 2112.03/2113.03: Development of Canadian Social Work and Social Welfare
  • SLWK 2222.03: Advancing Social Justice
  • SLWK 2334.03/2335.03 Beginning Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 2550.03: Indigenizing and Decolonizing Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 3012:03: Perspectives on Social Welfare Policy
  • SLWK 3032.03/3033.03: Theoretical Perspectives and Practice in Social Work
  • SLWK 3086.03/3087.03: Social Work Research
  • SLWK 3220.03: Cross-Cultural Issues in Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 4008.03/4009.03: Advanced Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 4034.045/4035.045: Field Practicum and Seminar
  • Social Work Elective
  • Social Work Elective

Students are also required to maintain enrolment in IPHE 4900 (see calendar section on Health Professions, Interprofessional Health Education) for the duration of their studies.  Successful completion of this course is a requirement for graduation.