Admission Requirements (Campus and Distance Delivery)


  1. Academic
    An initial screening is made on the basis of academic eligibility.  Please note we do not consider community college/college credits for this program.

    If applying with the minimum 30 university credit hours
    , a minimum average of B- (70%) is required. (The BSW degree will take approximately 3 years to complete.)

    If applying with a university degree or almost completed degree
    , a minimum average of B- (70%) is required. Admission assessment (credits used for GPA calculation and potential admission transfer credit) is based on the last 60 university credit hours completed (The BSW degree will take approximately 2 years to complete.)

    The School of Social Work has an Affirmative Action policy for applicants who are Acadian, Aboriginal, African Canadian, members of other racially-visible groups, persons with disAbilities and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two Spirit, Queer and Intersex (LGBTTQI) people. Members of these groups who have 30 university credit hours (non social work)  that average B- are eligible to apply under this policy.

    Applicants make their request in a place provided on the Social Work Statement cover sheet, which is part of the BSW application package. Each candidate is considered individually on the basis of her/his qualifications, rather than in relation to other applicants. The admission requirements are otherwise the same for all candidates.

  2. Relevant work/and or volunteer experience
    Most volunteer positions are considered with the exception of food preparation and canvassing. Academic field placement hours are not considered. 

  3. Two references are required (Academic or Non Academic)
    Please see guidelines in BSW Application Process.

  4. Social Work statement
    Candidates write a statement that discusses a current social issue and their motivation to study social work.