Course Sequencing

Length of programĀ 

Most students accepted to the BSW program have a degree on entry with the required cumulative grade point average. Such students normally require ten credits (60 credit hours) to complete the BSW degree. Students studying on campus may register on a full-time basis for two years of study, or on a part-time basis (to a maximum of ten years). Distance students may register for a two-year (24 month) full-time program of study, or a three-year part-time program of study (to a maximum of ten years).

Students registered who have the minimum 30 university credit hours on entry (usually persons with related work experience) are required to complete three full-time years of study (90 credit hours) or the part-time equivalent.

Students registered with more than 30 university credit hours on entry complete a two-to-three year program as determined by the number of prior credits in relation to the School's transfer credit policy.

Course load and sequencing may vary from student to student depending upon the number of transfer credits and full or part-time status.

On-campus delivery

  • For full-time students the usual load is 15 credit hours (i.e., five .03 credit classes) in the Fall and Winter terms.
  • For part-time study the course load may be as minimal as one .03 credit class per term.
  • The only Social Work courses offered in the Spring semester consist of one Social Work elective and Field Practicum and Seminar.
  • It is important to pay close attention to the pre or co-requisites for each course. These are indicated in the course descriptions.

Distance delivery

Distance Students are strongly encouraged to maintain their course sequencing schedule. Any changes must be in accordance with pre- and co-requisites as outlined in the calendar and are dependent upon availability of course offerings, especially electives. Students studying by distance will be assessed distance delivery fees in addition to tuition.

Part-time and full-time/distance course sequencing: