Janet Ingles

Associate Professor

Janet Ingles

Email: janet.ingles@dal.ca
Fax: 902-494-5151
Mailing Address: 
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
5850 College Street
2nd Floor, Room 2C01
PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4R2


Dr. Janet Ingles is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is registered as a psychologist in Nova Scotia in the area of clinical neuropsychology. Dr. Ingles teaches courses in neuroscience, adult neurological disorders and clinical skills (interviewing & counseling). Her research interests focus on neurological communication disorders, especially primary progressive aphasia and acquired dyslexia.    


  • BA, Psychology, Queen's University
  • PhD, Psychology, Dalhousie University
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Geriatric Medicine, Dalhousie University

Research Interests

  • Language and cognition in adults with neurological disorders
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Aphasia
  • Assessment and rehabilitation


  • CMSD 5290: Introduction to Neurosciences for Communication Disorders
  • CMSD 6350: Assessment of Neurogenic Language and Cognitive Disorders - Adults
  • CMSD 6550: Seminar in Adult Communication Disorders
  • CMSD 5070: Clinical Methods - Speech Language Pathology

Selected Publications

  • Ingles, J., Fisk, J., Fleetwood, I., Burrell, S. & Darvesh, S. (2015).  Peripheral dysgraphia:  Dissociations of lowercase from uppercase letters and of print from cursive writing.  Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, 27, 31-47.
  • Ingles, J. L. & Eskes, G. A. (2008). A comparison of letter and digit processing in letter-by-letter reading. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 14,164-173.
  • Ingles, J. L., Boulton, D. C., Fisk, J. D., & Rockwood, K. (2007). Preclinical vascular cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease:  Neuropsychological test performance 5 years before diagnosis. Stroke, 38, 1148-1153.
  • Ingles, J. L., Fisk, J. D., Passmore, M., & Darvesh, S. (2007). Progressive anomia without semantic or phonological impairment. Cortex, 43, 558-564.
  • Ingles, J. L. & Eskes, G. A. (2007). Temporal processing deficits in letter-by-letter reading. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 13, 110-119.
  • Passmore, M., Ingles, J. L., Fisk, J. D., & Darvesh, S.  (2005).  Disconnection of language and memory in semantic dementia: A comparative and theoretical analysis, Current Alzheimer Research, 2, 435-448.