General admission information

Please view all Admission Requirements to see if you meet the necessary criteria before applying.

The deadline to apply for our Fall 2022 enrolment is Monday, January 17, 2022.

THESIS APPLICANTS -- We strongly encourage thesis applicants to submit their applications by January 4 (this is not a separate deadline - just an idea of when your documents should be in our possession), and to be in contact with any faculty members who may be potential supervisors in your area of interest well in advance of the deadline.

Instructions for how to apply are detailed on our Admission Procedures page. All related admission forms can also be found there.

Please carefully read all Admission Information including our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting our offices. All admission inquiries should be made by email only and can be sent to

Other information

Candidates must specify the field (audiology or speech-language pathology) to which they are applying. Therefore, candidates should already be familiar with the two professions before submitting their file. Candidates may apply to both programs; however, they must submit two separate and complete applications. Successful applicants will only be admitted to one program and are not permitted to change their program of study once they have been accepted into a program.

Students and prospective students in the Faculty of Health at Dalhousie University should be aware that a satisfactory criminal record check or other screening procedure as well as up-to-date immunizations may be required by external facilities for clinical placements or experiences related to a course assignment. Students should also be aware that some professional regulatory bodies may require a satisfactory record check as a condition of professional licensure.