Admission Requirements

MSc Speech-Language Pathology &
MSc Audiology


Degree requirements

Applicants must possess a minimum of a four-year baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution of higher education. An honours degree is a strong asset. We encourage applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds to apply.  

Course requirements

There are no specific course prerequisites required for admission. However, students often feel best prepared to meet the academic challenges of our programs if they have completed at least some courses in the following areas prior to admission: human biology or physiology, psychology (e.g., developmental, cognitive, perceptual, behavioural, neuropsychology or neuroscience), linguistics or other areas of language study.  If you are planning to take some of these courses, we encourage you to choose from any of these areas based on your interests and available courses.  There is no one best course to take out of these suggested areas. 

GPA requirements

A minimum of a "B+" average or 3.3 GPA (on a 4.3 point scale) in the last two years of full-time undergraduate studies is required (most recent 20 half credits). However, prospective students should note that due to the demand for our programs, most successful applicants have a GPA of 3.7 and higher. Please see the information below on GPA calculation and the Minimum GPA Requirements. [PDF -  18.6 KB]

If an applicant has taken a professional degree (e.g., BEd, BN, LLB, JD) after completing their undergraduate degree, then the applicant’s GPA will be calculated using the 10 most recent half credits from each degree for a total of 20 half credits. Please note that diplomas, certificates, and graduate degrees do not count towards an applicant’s GPA calculation. Some upper-level courses taken for a certificate program from a recognized university may count towards an applicant’s GPA calculation if they are directly related to our speech-language pathology or audiology programs.

If an applicant has already completed their undergraduate degree and has taken additional courses, these courses will be considered as upgrading or continuing education. Please note that there are some restrictions as to which upgrading courses may count towards an applicant’s GPA calculation: (1) Only a maximum of five half-credit courses will be counted in a GPA calculation. The remaining 15 half-credit courses will be counted from the applicant’s undergraduate degree(s); and (2) First- and second-level courses will not be counted in GPA calculations. Only third- and fourth-level courses will be counted towards an applicant’s GPA.

GRE general test scores

Applicants must complete the GRE - General Test (Graduate Record Examination) and have their scores submitted to SCSD before the application deadline. For more information regarding completion of the test and submission of scores, please see part six on our Admission Procedures page.

Please note that there is no minimum subtest or total score requirement for the GRE General Test; however, the Admissions Committee does consider your percentile scores when evaluating your application. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, the GRE General Test may now be taken at home. Please visit

Other requirements

While the School values diversity, students whose native language is not English will have to prove English proficiency (see English Language Requirements). A high degree of proficiency in English is essential for success in the program, particularly in clinical practicum placements. 

Please view the Admission Procedures page for further information on how to apply.

Admission evaluation criteria

The Admissions Committee reviews each candidate’s entire file. All components of the file are important. All candidates will be evaluated as objectively as possible based on the following criteria:

  • Past academic performance (GPA)
  • GRE test score
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic background and potential for graduate studies
  • Relevant work or volunteer experience or special qualifications

Special consideration will be given to qualified applicants who fall under the Equitable Admission Policy.