Admission Procedures

MSc Speech-Language Pathology & MSc Audiology

The deadline to apply for our fall enrolment is January 15. If January 15 falls on a weekend, applications are due the next business day.

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Admission procedures & checklist

Please see the SCSD Admission Procedures Checklist below or view the Admissions Step-By-Step list, which outlines the necessary steps that must be completed to ensure your application is submitted properly. Please note that steps 1-7 do not need to be completed in any particular order and that the GRE should be taken early to ensure we receive your results by the Admission Deadline.

STEP 1: Dalhouse Graduate Application (Paper-based method)

The Dalhousie Graduate Application is available on the Admission Procedures webpage.

Page two - Specific areas to pay attention to:

  • Above Department, write either "Audiology" or "Speech-Language Pathology," depending on your chosen field
  • Above Subject, write “SCSD”
  • Will you be studying: Check off “Full-time study”

Forward your completed Dalhousie Graduate Application form with payment ($115.00 Canadian Dollars) directly to the Registrar's Office (see address in Step 8).

STEP 2: Official Transcripts

Arrange for the universities and/or colleges you have attended in the past or are currently attending to each send two official copies of your transcripts directly to SCSD – Admissions (see address in Step 8).

Copies of transcripts will NOT be accepted via email or fax. Please allow for sufficient time for the universities and/or colleges to process your transcript request and for the documents to make it to our office by the deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all transcripts are sent.

Please note: if you are a current or previous Dalhousie student, it is not necessary for you to send official transcripts from Dalhousie University. However, if you have previously attended any other post-secondary institution in addition to Dalhousie, you must forward two copies of your official transcripts from each institution.

STEP 3: Confidential Reference Letters

You must submit a minimum of two academic reference letters. These must be from either instructors and/or academic supervisors. For more information about academic references, please see out FAQ. Please note that applicants who have not been enroled in an academic program for the past five years may submit two letters of reference from employers and/or supervisors rather than from instructors.

All referees must use the Confidential Reference Letter form, which is available on the Admission Procedures webpage. It is recommended that you choose professors who know you well. If your referees feel that there is not enough space provided on the form, they can attach a separate reference letter in addition to the completed form and write "See Attached" in the Additional Comments box.

Specific boxes to pay attention to on the form:

  • In the FOR WHICH DEGREE ARE YOU APPLYING box, write "MSc."
  • In the DEPARTMENT/SCHOOL box, write "School of Communication Sciences and Disorders" and specify either "Audiology" or "Speech-Language Pathology"

You may have non-academic supervisors, clinicians, or employers provide additional references for you, but these are not required and do not count towards the requirement of at least two academic references. If you do submit additional reference letters, your referees must also use the Confidential Reference Letter form. There is no maximum number of reference letters.

All letters should be returned to you in a sealed envelope, with the author’s signature on the back seal. DO NOT OPEN THE ENVELOPES. Applicants should send these letters directly to Admissions – SCSD (see address in Step 8).

If a referee is not comfortable with giving the letter to you, he/she can send it directly to the school. Otherwise, we suggest you follow the regular procedure above.

IMPORTANT! IF YOU ARE USING THE ON-LINE METHOD, PLEASE NOTE: the electronic reference system will ONLY accept references from accredited university email addresses. Non-academic reference letters will not be accepted electronically and must be submitted in hard copy using the Confidential Reference Letter form available on the Admission Procedures webpage.

Once your application is submitted online and your application fee has been paid, your application will then be processed, which can take up to five business days. Your referees will only be contacted with a link to the e-reference site after your application has been processed. Please be aware that this process will take longer if there are holidays during this period. If you choose to use this feature, please ensure that you communicate with your referees that their letters must be submitted online by our admission deadline regardless of the default expiry date that is visible to them.  The e-reference system will not notify your referee of our admissions deadline. If you choose not to use this feature of the online application, reference letters should be submitted in hard copy form in signed and sealed envelopes (see Step 3).

STEP 4: SCSD Additional Information Form

The SCSD Additional Information Form will be available later this summer on the Admission Procedures webpage (see Supplemental Forms below). After it becomes available, fill out this form on your computer by typing your answers into the space provided for each question. Print it, and ensure it is stapled. This form should be sent directly to SCSD – Admissions (see address in Step 8).

STEP 5: Resume

Please include a resume that includes at least the following information:

  • Education;
  • Work experience;
  • Research experience, publications and presentations;
  • Volunteer experience (be explicit regarding the duration and frequency of involvement, as well as the population with whom you are involved);
  • Special qualifications (e.g., languages spoken and level of fluency, post-secondary training received outside of a university, etc.).

Please ensure that your resume is stapled and sent directly to SCSD – Admissions (see address in Step 8).

STEP 6: GRE Test Scores

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to COVID-19, the GRE General Test may now be taken at home. Please visit

Applicants must complete the GRE - General Test (Graduate Record Examination) and have their official test scores sent in hardcopy directly from ETS to SCSD – Admissions (see address in Step 8). Tests can be taken either through a computer-based method or a paper-based method through the ETS (Education Testing Service) . Please visit their official GRE testing page for more information.

To see which types of tests (computer or paper-based) are available in your area, please use the GRE Test Locator tool. Applicants must ensure that they use the following recipient codes when completing the computer-based test:

Institution Code: 0915 (Dalhousie); Department Code: 0620 (Speech-Language Pathology) or 0602 (Audiology)

Applicants are reminded to check with ETS when their GRE scores will be available. GRE scores must be submitted in hardcopy to our department before the application deadline. The official copy is a report with a purple background; the applicant receives the unofficial copy with a green background. Do not send in the copy you receive. You may send in a photocopy of your unofficial copy, but the official (purple) copy must be sent from ETS as well.

Remember, there is no minimum subtest or total score requirement for the GRE General Test for admission to our programs.


STEP 7: Other

All applicants should read the information below to decide if any of these policies pertain to them.

  • Students who wish to do a thesis should contact faculty members directly to discuss topics by the summer or fall before the application deadline (also see Thesis Track).
  • Students who wish to be considered for admissions under the affirmative action policy (see Affirmative Action Policy).
  • Students with a disability who wish to disclose their needs (see Student Accessibility).
  • Students whose native language is not English (see English Language Requirements). If applicable, your language report (i.e. TOEFL, etc.) should be sent directly to SCSD – Admissions (see address in Step 8).

STEP 8: Check Again and Mail Documents

Please review the SHCD Application Checklist to ensure all required steps have been completed (checklist is available on the Admission Procedures webpage).



  • DALHOUSIE GRADUATE APPLICATION* - send with payment to: Registrar’s Office
  • TRANSCRIPTS – send to: SCSD – Admissions
  • REFERENCE LETTERS** – send to: SCSD – Admissions
  • RESUME – send to: SCSD – Admissions
  • GRE TEST SCORES – sent directly from ETS to: SCSD – Admissions
  • TOEFL (if applicable) – send to: SCSD – Admissions

  • *Dalhousie Graduate Application is not required if you have applied using the online application
    **Hard copies of reference letters are not required if you choose to use the online application reference letter feature  

    2ND FLOOR, ROOM 2C01
    PO BOX 15000
    HALIFAX, NS  B3H 4R2
    PO BOX 15000
    HALIFAX, NS  B3H 4R2

After you apply

SCSD Application Acknowledgment
Email acknowledgements regarding receipt of applications and supplemental documents may take up to five weeks after the admission deadline.

Admission Decision
Applicants will be notified through regular mail during the months of April and May about whether they have been offered admission, waitlisted or rejected. Updates regarding the mailing dates of specific batches of letters will be available on the homepage of the SHCD website throughout April and May. Admission decisions will not be provided via telephone or email under any circumstances.

Admitted Applicants
Applicants admitted into the program should forward two official copies of their final transcript to the school before the start of their program of study.

Further Admission Inquiries should be made by email only and can be sent to
Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting our offices.

Please review the SCSD Application Checklist to ensure all required steps have been completed.

SCSD Application Checklist - updated March 14, 2018

Application documents

You may complete your application *online* or send in a *paper application*. Whichever option you choose, be sure to provide all supporting documents listed in the SCSD Admission Procedures above.

Applying Online: Online Application starting August 16, 2018 the payment increased to $115 CAD.
Paper Application: Dalhousie Graduate Application [PDF - 165 KB] starting August 16, 2018 the payment increased to $115 CAD.

Supplemental Forms

Confidential Reference Letter - [DOC - 100 KB] Revised August 2014
SCSD Additional Information Form - [PDF - 401 KB] Revised October 2019

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions if you are unsure of any information.