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Our programs and students

Are you interested in people? Intellectually curious and able to think critically? Self-motivated? Empathetic? Creative? If so, please consider applying to one of our programs.

Our Master's programs in speech-language pathology and audiology are three years in duration and include foundation as well as profession-specific courses. We deliberately have no prerequisite courses in order to attract the highest quality of applicants possible. Our students have a wide-range of academic backgrounds and life experiences. We are very proud of our current students and graduates. Meet some of them here.

Clinical education

We offer extensive clinical education opportunities including two 12-week placements, one in the middle and one at the end of the program, as well as other observation and practical experiences during the academic terms. Many of these experiences occur at the multiple sites of Hearing and Speech Nova Scotia and within School Clinics.


Research is an important part of study at the graduate level. We offer two options for research experience: a) research project or b) thesis. The thesis option is larger in scope than the research project, allowing students the opportunity to acquire extensive knowledge in an area of interest and to work closely with a faculty member in developing and completing a study. Thesis students are eligible to compete for generous funding support through university, provincial, and federal scholarship programs.

Academic support

Our professors are strongly committed to providing students with outstanding learning opportunities. Students also benefit from the involvement of local speech-language pathologists and audiologists in course instruction.

Study by the sea

Dalhousie University is the largest institution of higher learning in Atlantic Canada and is located in the friendly, moderate-sized city of Halifax.