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To speak with an academic advisor, please contact:

Title/Name E-mail Office Hours Phone

Admissions & Program Officer

health.sciences@dal.ca By appointment (902) 473-6681
Room 640 - 6th Floor Bethune Building

Post Diploma Advisor

health.sciences@dal.ca    (902) 473-5510

Student Services

health.sciences@dal.ca 8 a.m.– 4 p.m. (902) 473-5510
Room 641 - 6th Floor Bethune Building

Undergraduate studies

Before applying to the Bachelor of Health Science program, applicants from high school as well as applicants with prior university experience should refer to:

Graduate studies

Applicants who are already registered practitioners (with current Canadian certification) in the professional streams of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Medical Laboratory Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiological Technology, and Respiratory Therapy should refer to:

Please note that Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of the Canadian licensing/certification exam in the discipline to which they are applying.

Dalhousie Health Science (HSc) Alumni in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound (DMUT), Nuclear Medicine Technology (NUMT), and Radiological Technology (RADT) may be eligible to complete a certificate in Magnetic Resonance Technology.

Please contact the School of Health Sciences Admissions Officer for application details.  

Health Sciences awards and bursaries

Bursaries may be available to applicants through your local health authorities.
For information on available bursaries, please refer to: