Post‑Diploma Requirements for Health Sciences

Application procedure

The post-diploma BHSc program has been developed to meet the needs of practicing technologists, sonographers and therapists who want to complete a degree as a means of pursuing life-long learning and expanding career opportunities. The curriculum is equivalent to two years of full-time university study. Courses may be completed in the sequence best suited for the student, however, attention must be paid to course prerequisites.

Your completed application for admission, transcripts from any previous diploma program or other post-secondary institutions attended and the application fee should be submitted to the Registrar's Office. When asked to which program you are applying, please state that you are applying to the post-diploma program with the specific professional stream or field of study.

Non-academic requirements

Letter of Intent

This letter provides the opportunity for applicants to expand upon their experience, any advanced or specialty education they may have and their interest in undertaking university studies.

Information to be included:

  • Two years of post-diploma work experience in that profession
  • Educational initiatives undertaken since diploma completion
  • Other professional activities, e.g. in professional association
  • How applicant thinks this program will contribute to her/his professional development
  • Personal and professional motivation
  • Readiness for university education


Please include a copy of your resume outlining your education, work, and volunteer experiences. Please include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references.

Proof of registration in professional association

Your current registration number with the applicable Canadian professional association, or a photocopy of your current membership card must be submitted. Applicants must provide proof of successful completion of the Canadian licensing/certification exam in the discipline to which they are applying.

All supplementary information should be sent to:

Admissions Committee
School of Health Sciences, Dalhousie University
Rm 640, Bethune Building
1276 South Park Street
Halifax, NS B3H 2Y9