How to Submit Documents

Every Dalhousie applicant will need to submit transcripts for their application to be considered complete. Some programs also require you to submit supplemental information and documents when you apply. 

Submitting all necessary documents when you apply will allow for a quicker assessment of your application. We'll inform you of any missing documents via Dal Online. Follow the instructions below on how to submit your documents.

Select document type

Official transcripts

Official transcripts are those that come directly from the issuing institution. Transcripts sent by the applicant won’t be considered official and won't be reviewed as a part of your application.

If you previously studied at the university or college level, you’re required to submit these transcripts as a part of your application. You’ll be considered for admission based on your academic performance at this level.

Dalhousie is able to receive transcripts and other documents by mail and courier, however we are only able to access the mail once per week. This may cause a delay in processing your application, therefore we encourage you to have your official transcripts submitted by email. Canadian and US applicants can submit transcripts to and international applicants can submit transcripts to

If you are mailing your transcripts, they must be in an original sealed envelope addressed to: 

Registrar's Office, Dalhousie University 
Henry Hicks Academic Admin Building, Room 130 
6299 South Street 
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

If you are an applicant with a MyCreds/MesCertif, My eQuals or Digitary CORE account you can share your digital documents with us by selecting the 2nd Share option “Send my documents to a Registered Organization” and then select "Dalhousie University-Undergraduate and Professional programs" in the Recipient field. Helpful videos are available on the MyCreds site.

Official English translations

Official English translations are required for any transcript not provided in English or French. The translator must be certified, and this should be indicated with a stamp or seal and signature on the documentation.

Please note: the original transcript from the issuing institution is still required along with the official translation.

Questions about transcripts?

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Supplemental information and documents

Before you complete your application, check to ensure you’ve submitted any supplemental information and documents required for admission into your program of choice. For example, Nursing applicants will need to submit their CASPer test results.

To submit supplemental information and documents, you’ll need to follow the instructions given on the form or document itself.

Documents for your entrance award application

To submit additional documents to complete your entrance award application, please follow the instructions below.

Email (preferred)

To submit financial or medical documents, save them as a PDF and email to Use the subject line "GEA Supporting Docs 2023." In the email please include your:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • B00 number

Other submission methods

You can also print your supporting documentation, if required, and submit using one of the following methods:

Mail/ Courier:

Registrar's Office (Awards)
Henry Hicks Academic Admin Building
6299 South Street, Room 125
PO Box 15000, Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2

Drop off in Halifax:

Henry Hicks Academic Admin Building
6299 South Street, Room 125
Halifax, NS

Drop off in Truro:

Enrolment Services Centre
Room 256 Cox Institute, 21 Cox Road
PO Box 550
Truro, NS  B2N 5E3