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Admission Requirements

Professional programs at Dalhousie

Dalhousie is a Canadian leader in academic research and career development. The level of preparation you'll receive as part of your Dalhousie education is held in high regard the world over.
All Dalhousie professional programs require previous university study for admission.

Half the students in Dalhousie's professional programs completed their initial undergraduate work right here. At Dal, you'll have access to senior students who can talk to you about your own future academic plans. You will interact with graduate students in many ways - as tutors, lab assistants, in social settings, classes, even clubs and societies.

Programs available following one or more years of university study or the completion of an undergraduate degree:

*Admission is based on a combination of academic study and work experience.

Visit Applying to Law, Medicine and Dentistry for more information on how to apply to these professional programs.