Program snapshot

Top 7 reasons to study Meteorology at Dal:

  1. You’ll use the latest in radar and satellite technology as you learn how to predict weather patterns and systems.
  2. By combining the Diploma in Meteorology with a BSc in Physics, you’ll broaden your job prospects.
  3. Take courses with professors discovering new information about the Earth’s atmosphere—like how aerosol particles affect climate change.
  4. Get hands-on practice in modelling real weather data in courses like Synoptic Meteorology I and II.
  5. You’ll be trained as a weather forecaster and get a strong foundation in atmospheric science for meteorological studies at the graduate level.
  6. As part of the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences Department, you’ll automatically join the Dalhousie Undergraduate Physics Society (DUPS) and attend fun social events.
  7. You’ll find out how satellite imagery and other data help better predict the movement and force of hurricanes along the Atlantic seaboard.

What will I learn?


D.Met courses will provide the knowledge and skills you need to understand how atmospheres and oceans influence weather patterns and disturbances—from the everyday to the extreme.

What can I do?

Kevin_Schroeder_DMet_horizontal_28004 (2)

Pursue a career as a storm chaser, an aviation program manager, a broadcaster, an environmental engineer, or an air traffic controller. Find out what Kevin Schroeder plans to do with his BSc in Physics and Diploma in Meteorology.