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Master of Planning

The School of Planning offers a professional planning education at the graduate level. The Master of Planning program is recognized by the Canadian Institute of Planners.

Benefits of joining this program:

  • Collegial and cooperative working atmosphere
  • Small class sizes (15 - 25 students) provide great opportunities for debate and discussion
  • Approach to education is community-based, involving projects done in cooperation with community groups
  • Approach to education is studio-oriented, with learning in project-based contexts
  • Full time graduate students are given work spaces in the School and are represented on decision-making bodies within the Faculty
  • Students may apply for scholarships and assistantships within the School
  • Shared large historic building with the School of Architecture
  • Students have access to all the Faculty's technical services, including: audio-visual resources, model building, photography and computer labs, and a wood-working shop

Graduates will find themselves working within:

  • Private firms
  • Government
  • International Development
  • Environmental Protection
  • Urban Design

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