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Services for Students

Everyone needs a little help sometimes

It takes courage to seek the help you need. When it comes to support resources and services, we've got your back.


Services for Students is your gateway to all the help and support you need as a student at Dalhousie. Whether you are having difficulty in a particular subject, have questions about your program, or wish to discuss matters related to health or finances, we have a number of online services and drop-in centres that offer support to students.

Career and Leadership Development

The classroom is only part of the journey. Use our services to prepare for fulfilling careers by exploring your options and improving your job skills. We’ll also help you find part-time work and volunteer opportunities.


Academic Support

Our services and workshops range from advising you on program requirements and studying techniques, to improving your writing skills and finding you a tutor.


Health and Wellness

Body, mind, and spirit—we can help you nurture your overall well-being. Visit a doctor, take part in personal counselling sessions, or connect with services specifically for women, the rainbow community and students of faith.


Can't find the service you were looking for?

Check out the Services for Students A-Z page for a list of services offered at Dalhousie.