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Bachelor of Community Design

Make an impact

The Bachelor of Commuity Design (BCD) is a three-year program that studies the shape, patterns, processes and issues in human and natural communities. It explores the world as a system of interconnected and mutually-embedded communities linked by cultural and natural processes. Courses examine interventions by which people can work towards creating and maintaining healthy and sustainable communities.

An emphasis on design

The School of Planning recognizes the importance of visual and spatial information and analysis, and introduces design as a method of learning, analysing and addressing problems. Design is comprehensive, integrative, context-sensitive, and synthetic.

A focus on reasoned, creative and practical outcomes

Courses will attract students eager to make changes in the world they inhabit. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to allow them to analyse community issues, and to propose and implement appropriate courses of action to achieve desired outcomes.

BCD is for students who:

  • Care about the character and the future of communities
  • Are committed to sustainable approaches to the environment
  • Want to learn design and communication skills that will allow them to make a difference in how cities are built and landscapes are altered
  • Believe in better designed living environments, preserving culturally-important and environmentally-sensitive landscapes and giving commmunities the tools to make their own choices

Community Design at Dalhousie: What will you learn? What can you do with a BCD?