The School of Planning is located within the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at Dalhousie University. The School of Planning offers a professional planning education to students from Canada, the United States and abroad. The BCD Honours and the Master of Planning degrees are accredited by the Canadian Professional Standards Board: graduates are eligible to apply for professional certification and membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners and the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Our faculty are committed to planning communities through coastal planning, environmental planning, transportation research, housing policy development, public health research, and social planning. We provide a rigorous education in planning and advance planning research and professional practice through teaching, research, and professional and community service.

The School is located on bustling Spring Garden Road, in the heart of the east coast’s largest city. A vibrant port with a population of 390,000 and growing, Halifax enjoys an unsurpassed natural setting on the Atlantic coast. Founded in 1749, Halifax is the academic, cultural and economic centre of Atlantic Canada.

Our offices are located at the 6th floor of O'Brien Hall (restricted to public access - Dal card holders only). Click here for more info.


Mission - We are a leading interdisciplinary planning school, equipping the next generation of planners to plan inclusive communities, through experiential learning, innovative research, and community partnership

Vision - We foster and inspire planning for resilient, equitable and smart communities

Values - We embrace the core values of collaboration, innovation, community integration, and diversity and inclusion.

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For more  information about what planners do, check out our "What is a Planner?" page, our BCD and Graduate Programs (MPLAN and GPS).

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