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Why Study Planning at Dalhousie?

We invite you become a part of our community. Our diverse and motivated students want to put their knowledge and skills to work in making better cities, landscapes and communities. Dalhousie offers planning programs for students just entering university, those who have already completed an undergraduate degree and would like to explore a career as a professional planner, and scholars or practicing planners who want to engage in leading-edge research in the planning discipline. All of our accredited planning degree programs integrate academic studies with work experience. The BCD Honours and the Master of Planning degrees are accredited by the Canadian Professional Standards Board. Graduates are eligible to apply for professional certification and membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners and the American Institute of Certified Planners.

With its long history of settlement, Atlantic Canada is a living laboratory for learning about planning practice — from environmental and coastal planning, agricultural and industrial landscapes, to small towns with shrinking populations and big cities with growing ones. As a historic port city on the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax has diversity and character. Halifax has six universities and planning students may take elective courses at all of them. Dalhousie University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada, with a comprehensive range of disciplines. As the academic, political, and economic heart of the region, Halifax has a population of 400,000 with the same level of amenities as larger cities but a lower cost of living. It’s a vibrant city with a relaxed pace. It enjoys the friendly and safe atmosphere of a smaller city, where you meet acquaintances wherever you travel. It boasts an active nightlife, an award-winning music scene, and lively social spaces with something for everyone’s taste and budget. Distances are walkable and walking is enjoyable. Outside the city, the coastal towns and landscapes of Nova Scotia are famous as tourist destinations, with many recreational options available. Direct flights are available from Halifax to many cities in North America and Europe.