Application Requirements

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS – Please read this section carefully.  

The following instruction applies to the MPlan admission application for 2022-2023 school year.  Applications open in November 2021, and the admission review starts on January 15, 2022 until all spaces are filled. 

Your application package:

Your complete application package consists of the following items:



Who will send what to whom and how


Online graduate application form 

  • You will complete the online form and pay the application fee

-      The online form will be sent through the online system to the School of Planning


Minimum two letters of reference


  •  If academic institution that the online system recognizes, use the online reference system
  •  the online reference form filled out by your referee will be sent electronically to the School of Planning
  •   If professional reference (that uses no academic institution email address), have the referee submit a free-form letter with original signature of the referee in pdf by email.  The submitter of the reference must use an institutional email address (not Hotmail, gmail, etc.).
  •  If from an academic institution that the online system does not recognize, also have the referee submit a free-form letter with original signature by email, the same way as a professional reference above.  


One original transcript from eachaof the post-secondary institutions that you have taken courses stating degree conferral if that has occurred, from each post secondary institution attended (include transfers, study abroad terms etc.) 
  •  If other institutions, see below the specific instruction that applies to this application cycleb.  


A letter or statement of intent - why you want to study planning (~two pages; give a title and your name in the statement)



A resumé



A sample of your writing (typically a brief report/course assignment paper, or excerpt from a long report/course assignment paper – should be first-authored)



Proof of English language proficiency as required (Accepted tests are listed below)c

  •  Email a verifiable ELS test results from English test centre as pdf document and send it to See more details belowd


a ‘all’ means transcripts from the institutions you obtained your degree(s), plus institutions you received transfer credits, and institutions where you completed courses at another university as a one-term or full-year exchange student.

b How to submit your transcripts this year:

Please note that the Faculty of Graduate Studies (where MPlan/MPS belong) does not require paper transcripts this year.  

•  Electronic file-transfers from the issuing institution and from services such as Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, eScript-Safe, or TranscriptsNetwork. Electronic transcripts are to be sent to 

•  PDFs sent by email directly from the issuing institution. These emailed transcripts are to be sent to  

•  Attachments directly from the applicant. This is an exception only available when an issuing institution is unable to provide the documents. Proof of this inability may be required.

c Accepted English tests and minimum accepted scores are the following:

o   Internet-based TOEFL (Academic iBT): 92

o   MELAB: 85

o   IELTS: 7

o   CanTest: 4.5 with no band score lower than 4.0

o   CAEL: 70 with no band score lower than 60

o   Dalhousie College of Continuing Education (CCE): A-

o   Pearson English Test PTE Academic: overall score of 65 and nothing below 54

 d    Applicants must request their testing centre to make their results available to Dalhousie University so that the Faculty of Graduate Studies will contact the test centre to verify the results. You will not be admitted to the program until your ELS scores are verified, even if your other documents show you are eligible.  

For materials that need to be sent by email to the School of Planning (Items 4-7 above), the address is:


If, for any reason, you cannot send the application materials by email and have to use postal service, use the following mailing address: 

Dalhousie University School of Planning

O'Brien Hall, RM 603

5217 Morris St

Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2



Important Notes 

·       If you are in your fourth year of an undergraduate program, you are permitted to send the transcript with the grades pertaining to Fall 2020 post January 15, 2020.  However, please note that we start reviewing your application only after we receive all the required documents.  We cannot guarantee a spot in the program if there is delay in receiving any of your application documents, even if your application documents demonstrate a strong candidacy.  

·       Your first step is to complete the online graduate application form and pay the application fee.  We will not start reviewing your application until we receive the completed online graduate application form through the online system.  

·       If you are an applicant who has been in the workforce for a while, you are permitted to include letters of reference from your workplace.  However, at least one of the reference letters should be from the academic institution that you obtained your previous degree.  It is because we must assess your ability to navigate an academic learning environment.  

·       The online reference system recognizes only university email addresses.  That means, if you are obtaining a reference from a non-academic institution (e.g., from your supervisor at work), then you must have the referee email a free-style reference letter.  The reference letter showing an original signature (not e-signature) in a pdf format must to be sent to

·       International students whose previous degree program was conducted in English may have the proof of their English proficiency be exempted.  Please see this page to find out if you need the proof.

·       International students, if admitted, are required to demonstrate their financial capacity to support your study full-time by submitting an official bank statement.  The statement must show adequate funds available to you.  The amount of funds you should demonstrate is not fixed.  However, it is recommended that you show your financial capacity to cover at least the first year of study, including tuition fees, living expenses (accommodation and meals), transportation, and study supplies etc.  The estimates of these expenses can be found at  Please email the statement in a pdf format to  A photograph of the statement is not accepted.  The admission will not be final until we receive the financial statement.