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Program Spotlight

8 reasons to pursue Dalhousie's MPA (M):

  1. Relevant: We provide practical, relevant and experiential 'real world' learning you can apply to your professional duties today – plus the theory and knowledge you will need to advance your career.
  2. Win-win: You will have the challenge and satisfaction of achieving a master’s degree while experiencing professional and personal development.
  3. Flexible: You can complete the program in as little as two and a half years, or take up to seven years, giving you the flexibility you need to balance your learning needs with your lifestyle and current career obligations. And because our program runs on a 12-month cycle, there are always several classes to choose from year-round.
  4. Award-winning instruction: This degree is delivered by a team of respected academics and practitioners who offer the latest in research, plus the perspective of senior public service professionals.
  5. Leaders: You will study within an award-winning faculty and university that leads in the discipline of management education.
  6. Network: The program's face-to-face sessions offer an opportunity to build a lifelong network of public and not-for-profit sector professionals.
  7. Credible: With our program established in 1998, our growing alumni community includes senior public servants at all levels of government.
  8. Don't be tied down: Our blend of distance and face-to-face learning provides you with an opportunity to learn from anywhere in Canada, at a pace suited to busy professionals.

Award for Dr. Paul Brown


Dr. Paul Brown has been named the 2012 recipient of the NS Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Excellence in Public Administration.

Driving your development

Deb Campbell 208 by 128

Our program boosted Deborah Campbell’s confidence and credibility, helped her develop competencies and improved her ability to analyze, organize and present issues.