Career development

How will this degree drive my development?

Develop the competencies you need to advance your career. Our online/blended executive-level program prepares you for senior public and not-for-profit sector positions by helping you :

  • Develop responsive public policy
  • Drive innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability across your organization
  • Effectively build and lead teams
  • Excel in operational and financial management
  • Earn your MPAM degree while continuing to work full-time

Our graduates obtain a unique framework to overcome the complex issues that leaders and executives continually face through a balance of theory, analysis and best practice of public policy and management, Our MPA Management students are encouraged to explore, share and contribute – ultimately enabling them to respond efficiently to complex policy and management issues and to devise relevant and real world solutions to your organization’s current challenges.

Apply New Competencies to Your Job Immediately

Based on experiential learning that you will be able to apply to your job immediately, the MPAM program will enhance your competencies in core public administration disciplines including:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • HR management
  • Public Policy
  • Economics
  • Accounting 
  • Research Methodology.

Emphasizing people, relationships and organizational culture – while addressing transparency, accountability, integrity and change – we focus on complex and interdependent problems for which there is no one correct answer.

Networking and Mentoring

Finally, the MPAM also offers:

  • Opportunities to build a network of professionals working within your area but across a wide range of sectors
  • A chance to build mentoring relationships with both our faculty members and with like-minded professionals.