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What is Information Management (IM)?

IM is a people-centred approach to discovering, organizing, analyzing, representing and accessing data, information and knowledge.

Governments, cultural institutions, corporations and NGOs use IM to leverage and protect their information assets and serve their stakeholders. 

What Do Information Managers Do?

Information managers extract value from the data, information, and knowledge that is all around us to drive evidence-based decision making, support information seeking in everyday life, and create engaged and informed citizens.

They play a dynamic role, consulting with their communities, developing and curating data, and managing information resources and services.

Information Sessions

Master of Information Management bottom feature 128 by 208

Find your fit, learn about the MIM program, and ask questions in an interactive, informative online information session. Or book a one-to-one information session with a recruiter or advisor.

Driving your development

MIM student

Develop your leadership and strategic management skills. Our experiential learning model allows you to apply your learning to your workplace as of your very first course.