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Why MIM?

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Get the critical in-demand skills and knowledge to lead strategic information and data management decisions in your organization.

Info Sessions

Dalhousie Faculty of Management Kenneth C. Rowe Building

Find out how a Master of Information Management degree can accelerate your career in an interactive webinar, or a one-to-one phone/Skype info session.

Online/Blended Learning


Online/Blended Learning offers built-in flexibility, powerful networking opportunities and a learner-centred approach.

Our Students


Student and alumni testimonials show how a Master of Information Management degree has transformed both their career paths and life perspectives.

MIM Careers


Career pportunities in Information Management are growing, with jobs in public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations.

Apply Now!

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Start your Information Management master's degree in September, January or May. Application deadlines are June 1, Oct. 31 and Feb. 28.