Application Deadlines

Dates are subject to change.

September 2024 entryProgram specific deadlines

Feb. 15, 2024

Bachelor of Health Sciences  

Feb. 15, 2024

Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences)   

Feb. 15, 2024

Bachelor of Social Work   

Mar. 1, 2024

Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies (Architecture)  

Mar. 15, 2024

Bachelor of Science (Nursing)  

June 15, 2024

Bachelor of Health Sciences (Post-Diploma only)  

For undergraduate programs not listed above, where space is available, applications can be considered prior to the start of classes in September. High school applicants are encouraged to apply early to meet the February 15 deadline for general entrance awards, and May 1 guaranteed residence application deadline. 

Transfer applicants are also encouraged to apply as soon as possible to take advantage of early class registration in March as well as have their transcripts reviewed for potential transfer credits before starting classes. 


September 2024 entry

Feb. 15, 2024 For entrance scholarship consideration
March, 2024 Entrance scholarship offers sent out
May 1, 2024 Guaranteed residence application deadline
May 15, 2024
June, 2024

First-year course registration opens

The application deadlines above are for future students applying to most undergraduate programs. You may also want to view other important dates for the academic year.

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