Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

These are four-year programs that offer:

  • an interprofessional approach to providing both the necessary discipline-specific content
  • an array of science and health professional learning opportunities within a university context
  • the necessary competencies to challenge professional certification examinations at the end of your program.

The overall four-year program will provide you with the opportunity to develop competencies to practice and as well to acquire additional expertise in your field along with the adaptability and leadership to contribute as part of a health care system. The program will graduate students who will be knowledgeable about the changing health care system and able to work professionally and ethically. As a graduate, you will have sufficient knowledge about research to contribute to evidence-based decisions. You will have strong communication and leadership skills and will be a life-long learner.

The BHSc programs provide an integrated class of studies including both theory and practice. There is also a post-diploma offering for practising professionals.

Program disciplines

For information on the Post-Diploma offering in Medical Laboratory Technology, please see our Post Diploma BHSc Program page.

Four-year entry-level program (BHSc)

The curriculum for each program is comprised of four years of full-time study with each year including core, interdisciplinary, discipline-specific, health professional and basic science classes. Clinical practica are included in each year of study requiring a full-time commitment in the May-June time period.

Fourth-year BHSc students must meet the School's clinical skills maintenance requirements and complete the "Record of Clinical Practise for Year 4" each term, until the 4th-year classwork is completed. Contact us for full details.

BHSc degree completion program

This program requires five full credits (30 credit hours) of university study. It is available only to students who have successfully completed the Dalhousie diploma portion of the BHSc degree program in the professional discipline for which you are applying.

For the professions of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technology, and Respiratory Therapy

You are eligible to write the certification/registry exam upon successful completion of Year 3, when all requirements for a diploma exit have been met. You are eligible even if you choose not to exit with a diploma. Students should check with faculty concerning examination dates.

Following degree completion, students in Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technology may be eligible to write certification /registry exams in the specialized areas of cardiac and vascular sonography.

For the professions of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Radiological Technology

You are eligible to write the CAMRT certification exam upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Health Science degree.