Awards & Prizes

Students in the School of Health Sciences are encouraged to apply for general University scholarships and awards for which they may qualify. They are listed in the Calendar. Application forms and deadlines are available on the School of Health Sciences Brightspace community page.

University Medal in Health Sciences

This medal is awarded annually at the Spring convocation to a graduating student who demonstrates outstanding academic performance. The medal is only awarded if the following criteria have been met:

  1. The candidate has successfully completed the equivalent of three full time years in his/her respective baccalaureate program (90 credit hours) at Dalhousie.
  2. Has met the Faculty of Health cumulative GPA requirement or better on courses taken at Dalhousie towards the degree.
  3. Of those eligible, has the highest GPA

All credits taken toward the degree at Dalhousie (and where a letter grade is provided) will be used in the calculations. Transfer credits taken prior to entry into the program are not counted towards either the 90 credit hours criterion, or towards the cumulative GPA requirement. Courses taken on Letters of Permission while registered in the program are not included in the 90 credit hours eligibility criterion and calculated as part of the cumulative GPA requirement, nor are courses graded pass/fail.

Students graduating in the fall convocation are eligible for University Medal consideration at the following Spring convocation.

SHS Graduation and In-Course Awards

In addition, several graduation and in-course awards are presented to students in the School. The Awards Committee is responsible for all aspects of the administration of School awards process. Information on awards is posted on the School of Health Sciences Brightspace Community Page.

SHS Graduation Awards

  • BHSc Faculty Award:
    Sponsored through donations from the faculty of the School of Health Sciences, this award is presented to the degree graduate with the highest cumulative GPA (minimum GPA 4.0).
  • Dr. Robert H. Martin:
    This award is presented to a full-time student graduating in Nuclear Medicine Technology with the highest combined evaluation in clinical and academic performance over the four years of the program.
  • Krista MacQuarrie-Ward Memorial Prize:
    This award was created in memory of Krista MacQuarrie-Ward, who was a well-respected professional in respiratory therapy.  In Krista's memory, this annual prize will recognize a student graduating from  the BHSc-Respiratory Therapy program who demonstrates significant academic improvement and a dedication and caring approach to patient care.
  • Radiologist's Awards:
    Sponsored by the QEII Health Sciences Radiologist Group, three awards are presented to students graduating in each Nuclear Medicine Technology, Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, and Radiological Technology programs with the highest cumulative GPAs.
  • Radiologist's Award (MRIT):
    This award is sponsored by the QEII Health Sciences Radiologist Group and is awarded to a graduating student of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Certificate Program. The successful candidate is chosen based on the highest cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher based on MRIT courses.

SHS In-Course Awards

  • Margaret Barrett-Banks Memorial Award
    (to be chosen from student applications):

    This award is presented to a student entering the fourth year of the BHSc degree program, and is based on: GPA, demonstration of financial need, demonstration of contribution to community, university and/or health system through leadership and voluntary activities.
  • Heather Mattice Memorial Award
    (to be chosen from student applications):

    This award is given to a student completing year three and entering year four in Nuclear Medicine Technology. Award selection is based on financial need, academic standing, community and campus involvement and the recommendation of Nuclear Medicine Technology Faculty.
  • Dorothy Archibald Awards
    (to be chosen from student applications):

    These awards are presented to two students, one to a full-time student in Nuclear Medicine Technology and one to a full-time student in Radiological Technology; who have successfully completed clinical practicum II based on their professional attributes and accountability, involvement in the Student Association or School committees, and GPA.
  • Ali Cameron Memorial Award
    Awarded to a second year respiratory therapy student in May during clinical practicum II (RSPT 2500). Candidate is chosen based on the following criteria: Community Involvement, volunteerism and demonstrated commitment to helping others, A passion for the arts, and involvement with the Dalhousie School of Health Sciences (Student’s Association or FTHOI) and GPA.
  • Preceptor of the Year Award 
    This award is presented to a preceptor by student nomination. Award selection is based on demonstrating a passion for working with students, generates a positive and collaborative atmosphere, shares knowledge and expertise with colleagues, challenges the students to use their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities, has a dedication to lifelong learning and embodiment of professional standards. 
  • Trudell Healthcare Solutions Award:
    This award is presented to a student completing the third year in Respiratory Therapy, based on GPA, commitment to clinical excellence during the three years of study, and evidence of extra-curricular involvement.
  • Elsevier Canada Book Awards:
    Awards are given to two students; one Respiratory Therapy student and one Diagnostic Imaging student  who has completed the first year in their program. This award is based on GPA and completion of the first year clinical practicum.
  • DMUT Faculty Award for Clinical Excellence
    Candidates are nominated by DMUT faculty in conjunction with preceptors. This award is based on the following criteria: successful completion of all CECs and Clinical Practicum III in DMUT, consistent demonstration of high standards of clinical practice, high level of clinical competence, and exceptional patient care skills.