The Dalhousie School of Health Sciences

Through collaboration with a number of healthcare organizations throughout the country, the School of Health Sciences is educating a new generation of healthcare professionals in order to meet the needs of the Maritime Provinces. Our learning environment promotes teamwork, mutual respect and continuous personal and professional development. We are committed to academic excellence and the preparation of safe, competent and ethical healthcare practitioners.                                                                                                              

The Bachelor of Health Science program was approved by the QEII in February 1998, by the NS Department of Health in December 1998, by the Dalhousie Senate in March 1999 and by the Dalhousie Board of Governors in May 1999.

In order to operationalize this new program, the QEII/Dalhousie School of Health Sciences was created and approved by the Dalhousie Senate in June 1999.

As one of the academic units of the Faculty of Health, the School of Health Sciences reports directly to the Dean through the school's Director.

The disciplines represented include:

A bit of history

The QEII/Dalhousie Faculty Of Health (formerly named Faculty of Health Professions) Partnership Project:

The Partnership Project arose from a unique, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to professional diploma and baccalaureate education.

In February 1995, a partnership was formed representing the Allied Health Programs:


The purpose of the Partnership was to recommend a model of health sciences education to the associations/agencies/institutions represented by the partners.


The Bachelor of Health Science degree program is the outcome of the partnership project and encompasses the model that was developed. The QEII, now under the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA), and Dalhousie have maintained their partnership in order to implement the BHSc program.