Bachelor of Health Science ‑ EMS Management

A 2-Year BHSc program for Advanced Care Paramedics

This is an online and asynchronous degree program created for paramedics who want a flexible, broad-based Bachelor degree that can be completed around shift patterns.

To gain the Bachelor degree, you will need to have ACP and/or CCP designation.  If you have not yet completed (or even started) your ACP qualification, don't worry: you can still start working towards your degree.  You can take courses now and then move into the full degree program whenever you have the ACP requirement.  To see these options, follow this link: hyperlink to information on alternative pathways. 

The program is offered with the School of Health Sciences.  Your ACP qualification provides two years of credit (60 credit hours) towards the full Health Science degree, and you are completing the remaining 2 years (a further 60 credits, or 20 courses). Course content is not directly related to paramedic practice, but you can draw upon their experience within the program.

The 60-credit degree can be completed in 2 years of full time study, and up to six years of part-time registration.  Through careful selection of electives, students can graduate with additional EMS Certificates or a Diploma in Health Administration, and we recommend early contact with your dedicated academic advisor to explore these options.  

You can also explore options for part-time scheduling of your program by following this link: Post Diploma Schedule Options.

Critical Care Paramedics: although your training exceeds that of an ACP, no student can be given more than 2 years of credit towards any Dalhousie degree.  You will therefore need to complete the same number of courses as an ACP.  

What will I learn?

There are 14 required courses and 6 elective choices.   Of your 14 required courses, 9 make up the broad-based Health Sciences content, with topics including research practices, ethics, statistics and health law.  The remaining 5 directly address Emergency Medical Services Management, covering management processes, financial management, quality improvement, HR, systems design and PR/Communications issues. You can see a full list of required courses in the drop down list, below.

There are a variety of elective options to use in completing the program.  You can opt for additional online and asynchronous courses, including using School of Health Administration courses to complete a Diploma in Health Administration.  If you are local to Halifax, you can also opt for electives delivered in person, if you wish to do so. For your elective choices, you will be guided by a dedicated academic advisor.

Each course runs for one term, and most students will find that a course requires 5 to 8 hours of focused study per week.  A full-time student will therefore take 5 courses each term with a commitment of 30+ hours work a week.  Part-time students can opt for 1-4 courses, depending on their circumstances. 

Full Course Listing

Required Courses for the BHSc EMS Management:

  • HSCE 2000 Healthcare Ethics
  • HSCE 3000 Culture, Diversity and Health   
  • HLTH 3010 Introduction to Health Research
  • HSCE 4030 Leadership in Healthcare
  • HSCE 4200 Foundations in Clinical and Professional Education
  • HSCE 4220 Critical Research Appraisal and Practices
  • STAT 1060 Introductory Statistics for Science and Health Sciences
  • HESA 4000 Canadian Healthcare Delivery
  • HLTH 4040 Health Law for Non-Lawyers   
  • HESA 4005 Healthcare Financial Management
  • HESA 4010 Management Processes and HR Issues in EMS
  • HESA 4020 Quality Improvement in EMS
  • HESA 4030 EMS Systems Design
  • HESA 4040 Principles of Public Relations and Marketing in EMS

How much will it cost?

Costs for the program will vary depending on where you are based and how you choose to complete the program.  The fees are set by the number of courses you choose to complete in any given term.  You can use the Fee Calculator tool to explore options on an annual basis: select Health Science, and then toggle the number of courses up and down. 

When exploring options, remember that you will have 20 courses in total and that one course is likely to take up 5 to 8 hours a week for most people.  Also, bear in mind that the "Books and Supplies" cost should be lower than the Fee Tool suggests because the program is fully online.  


The admission deadline for a January 2024 start was October 15th, 2023. For a September 2024 start it will be June 15th 2024.

To be considered for the BHSc EMS Management, you will need: 

  • A Letter of Intent: this provides the opportunity for you to expand upon your experience, any advanced or specialty education you may have and your interest in undertaking university studies. Information to be included: details of two years of post-diploma work experience as an ACP; educational initiatives undertaken since diploma completion; other professional activities, e.g. in professional association, how you think this program will contribute to your professional development; personal and professional motivation, and readiness for university education
  • Evidence of successful completion of an Advanced Care Paramedic Program from an organisation accredited by Accreditation Canada (incorporating programs formerly accredited by the Canadian Medical Assoc.).
  • Proof of successful completion of your National/Provincial licensing/certification examination.
  • Evidence of good standing with your regulatory body (your current registration number with the applicable Canadian professional association, or a photocopy of your current membership card must be submitted). 
  • Your resume, demonstrating 2 years FTE professional experience as an Advanced Care Paramedic (and/or Critical Care Paramedic).  
  • Please include the names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references.

NOTE: Applicants must also meet Dalhousie University's undergraduate admisson requirements.

To prepare your application, see the application information for all streams within the post-diploma: link to post diploma admissions

Questions about applying to the Bachelor of Health Science - EMS Management?

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