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School of Health Administration is a centre of excellence for health services and policy research dedicated to advancing health and health equity: we count two Canada Research Chairs and a Killam Scholar amongst our distinct teams.  Their work reflects the exceptionally high standards of our School’s contribution to the field, across Canada and around the world. As we continue to grow, we invite committed, talented researchers to explore these pages, and the opportunities we may have to offer them.


"Career research awards recognise the work of highest calibre, undertaken by leading scientists; work that makes a difference.  Few Schools of our size can boast that they are home to three such outstanding researchers: two Canada Research Chairs and a Killam Research Chair. At SHA, we are hugely proud of the work we do to advance data driven health policy."

Dr Tanya Packer

Director, School of Health Administration


Our teams are also committed to the widest possible dissemination of their research, whether in the service of public health education, or evidence-led policy development.   Our team leads are experienced, expert communicators with a genuine passion for their work: whether you are looking for support in institutional/governmental decision-making; expert input for broadcast, print or online media, or some cutting-edge expertise to fire your students’ enthusiasm, do not hesitate to get in touch.

On this page, you can follow the links below to focus on each of our four teams, or scroll down for general information about PhD opportunties within the Faculty of Health.


Innovation for Health and Health Equity

We lead multidisciplinary research on the environmental and policy determinants of healthier diets and consumption, with a focus on health-promoting innovations in the food system.  The Lab is directed by Dr. Catherine L. Mah MD FRCPC PhD, Canada Research Chair in Promoting Healthy Populations and Associate Professor, School of Health Administration. 


Please click on Food Policy Lab to find out more.



The Causes and Realities of Health System Inequality


We undertake thorough, evidence-led investigation of Health System inequality, in Canada and around the world. 


We do so in service of policy development and practical action, leading to more equitable health systems for us all.


Please click on the Health Equity and Policy Lab to find out more.


Advancing Public Understanding.  Improving Outcomes for All.

We improve the health and wellbeing of Canadians by researching and enhancing public knowledge of key health issues, and optimizing the delivery of health services.


The Lab is led by Dr Jeanna Parsons Leigh, an Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Chair.

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How Policy Shapes Health Outcomes

We rigorously quantify the real-world effects of policy change, considering access to, and quality of, care.


Quantifying policy effects is challenging in the presence of contemporaneous trends and effect heterogeneity, but it is incredibly important to understand how policies shape health outcomes (and inequities).


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Interested in PhD Opportunities?

If you are interested in joining one of our research teams as a PhD student, please follow this link through to the relevant pages.