Dr.  Tsafrir Gazit

Assistant Professor

Email: gazit@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-6284
Mailing Address: 
Room 2117, McCain Building, 6135 University Avenue PO Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Economy, work and development
  • Environmental studies
  • Knowledge, science and expertise
  • Social policy
  • Social statistics
  • Space and place


  • BA, MA, PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • PDF, Dalhousie University

Research interests

Tsafrir Gazit is an environmental sociologist whose work focuses on the environmental activism of individuals, NGOs and formal agencies and the social and economical dimensions of natural resources management. He is interested in how environmental perceptions shape human behavior and natural resources management.

In the past Dr. Gazit has worked for the Israeli central Bureau of Statistics (as the director of its law division), environmental consulting firms and research institutes. He has taught courses in environmental sociology, demography, research methodology and statistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Israeli Open University.

Dr. Gazit’s current research, with Professor Richard Apostle (Sociology) and Professor David VanderZwaag (Law), focuses on the social dimensions of the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN). This includes the use and transfer of OTN knowledge and other OTN technology products, and the expansion of marine tracking networks and how this may affect natural resources management (e.g. of fisheries and endangered species).

Selected publications  

  • Haward, M., Stephens, T., Jabour, J., Apostle, R., Gazit, T., Hindell, M., Hussey, N, E., Meeuwig, J, L., Saunders, P., Sykes, K., Techera, E., VanderZwaag, D, L., Whoriskey, F, G. “Ocean Tracking: New Frontiers for Managing Marine Species at Risk”. Conservation Letters (Accepted).
  • Gazit, T., Apostle, R. "Ocean Tracking Technologies: Observing Species at Risk" Maritime Studies (Accepted).
  • Gazit, T., Haward, M., Apostle, R. 2016. “Knowledge Brokering in Australia and Canada: from a wealth of science and technology to its adoption in threatened species processes”. Ocean Development & International Law, 47 (2).
  • Gazit, T., Lidgard, D., Sykes, K. 2013. “Changing Environments: Tracking the Scientific, Socio-political, Legal, and Ethical Currents of the Grey seal – Cod Debate in Atlantic Canada”. Journal of International Law and Policy 16 (3).
  • Duff, J., Dean, H., Gazit, T., Taggart, C. T. 2013. “On the Right Way to Right Whale Protections in the Gulf of Maine – Case Study” Journal of International Law and Policy 16 (3).
  • Gazit, T., Apostle, R., Branton, R. 2013. “Deployment, Tracking and Data Management - Technology and Science for a Global Ocean Tracking Network”. Journal of International Law and Policy 16 (2).