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Martha Radice

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Email: martha.radice@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-6747
Mailing Address: 
Room 1119, McCain Building, 6135 University Avenue
PO Box 15000, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2
Research Topics:
  • Social justice and inequality
  • Urban studies
  • Space and place
  • Ethnicity
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Applied - action research
  • Canada
  • Quebec

Cross appointment

  • Canadian Studies


  • BA Hons, University of Sussex
  • MA, Université Laval
  • PhD, Insitut national de la recherche scientifique

Research interests

Martha Radice is a social anthropologist whose work focuses on the social, spatial and cultural dynamics of cities. She has investigated social relations, especially interethnic relations, and the production of space in multiethnic commercial streets in Montréal. Her ongoing areas of interest are urban anthropology, public space, public art and public culture, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism, applied urban research, and ethnographic methods.  

Dr. Radice worked with Solomon Nagler and Kim Morgan at NSCAD University on an interdisciplinary research-creation project, Tracing the City: Interventions of Art in Public Space, exploring how art can shape the urban public and, conversely, how the urban public can shape artistic production. She works with Jill Grant and Howard Ramos on the Halifax team of the Canada-wide Neighbourhood Change Research Project. In winter 2016, she began new research into carnival culture in New Orleans, for which she has been awarded a New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation Archive Fellowship.

Dr. Radice is editor-in-chief of the Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography and President of the Canadian Anthropology Society. She can provide copies of most of her publications by email.

Selected publications