Charles and Mary MacLennan Bursary

The Charles and Mary MacLennan Bursary

Theatre students in financial need are encouraged to apply for the following bursary:

The Charles and Mary MacLennan Bursary in Theatre is awarded to one student in his or her 3rd or 4th year of study towards a BA in Theatre with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and is based on artistic excellence in Theatre and financial need.

The value of the award is $2,500.

To apply, students must submit a letter to the Fountain School of Performing Arts Student Affairs Committee, describing a) their financial need for the bursary, and b) their commitment to and excellence in the field of Theatre. 

In your letter:

  • Please make note of circumstances that demonstrate your financial need for the bursary.  Details of your Canada Student Loan must be included.  If you are ineligible for a Canada Student Loan but feel that you nevertheless have financial need, please give details to demonstrate your case. Having applied for a bursary with the Dalhousie or King’s College Registrar’s Offices may be an asset.

  • Please provide details demonstrating your pursuit of “artistic excellence.” For example, have you successfully performed or directed particularly challenging roles or plays?  Have your original plays been staged successfully for audiences? Have you successfully created a challenging costume, show design or construction?  Have you been invited to work at professional theatre companies over the summer?  And so on…

Please submit your application letter for the bursary to the FSPA Student Affairs Committee, c/o the FSPA office (Room 514) by OCTOBER 15.