Elective Theatre Classes

Are you curious about designing for the theatre, or maybe the history of film? Would you like to learn jazz dancing, or spend a month in a European castle studying Baroque culture? Even if you're not majoring or minoring in theatre or film, the Fountain School of Performing Arts offers classes that may interest you. Many of our classes are open to all students. Please visit the Undergraduate Calendar for class descriptions and pre-requisite requirements (if applicable). Not all classes are offered each year, so please see the Academic Timetable to confirm and to check day and time of the class.

PERF 1000.03: Writing About Performance

PERF 1002.03: Writing About Stage and Screen

PERF 3721.03 and 3722.03: Digital Design for Performance

THEA 1051.03 and 1052.03: Introduction to Theatre Organization and Stagecraft

THEA 1451.03 and 1452.03: Introduction to Costume Studies

THEA 1801.03 and 1802.03: Introduction to Acting and Performance

THEA 2011.03: Ancient and Medieval Theatre

THEA 2012.03: Early Modern Theatre

THEA 2020.06: Jazz Dance I (Spring Session Only)

THEA 2021.03 and 2022.03: Jazz Dance 1

THEA 2215.03: Young Shakespeare 

THEA 2216.03: Shakespeare at the Globe 

THEA 2229.03: Tragedy

THEA 2401.03: Cave to Castle: Dress from Pre-history to 1450

THEA 2402.03: Castle to Cafe: Dress from 1450 to 1700

THEA 2412.03: Language of Design

THEA 2710.03: Stage Design I

THEA 2901.03: Dramaturgy: The Art of Developing Plays

THEA 2902.03: Play Analysis for Directing

THEA 2911.03: Stars and Stardom on Stage and Screen

THEA 3015.03: Renaissance Drama 

THEA 3314.03: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries on Film

THEA 3402.03: Baroque to Bustles: Dress from 1700 to 1900

THEA 3403.03: Bustles to Boardroom: Modern Fashion from 1900

THEA 3503.03: Modern Theatre

THEA 3502.03: The Modern Theatre 2: High Modernism

THEA 3731.03: Greek Drama: Tragedy 

THEA 3761.03 and 3762.03: Modern German Drama 

THEA 3911.03: Gender in Theatre: A Cross-Cultural Survey 

THEA 3912.03: Gender Theory and Contemporary Performance 

THEA 3913.03: English Drama, 1660-1800 

THEA 3914.03: Topics in Italian Drama and Spectacle 

THEA 4500.03: Canadian Theatre to 1968: Performing the Nation 

THEA 4501.03: Canadian Theatre Since 1968: Interrogating Identities 

THEA 4701.03: Special Topics 1 

THEA 4702.03: Special Topics 3

THEA 4735.06 Advanced Seminar in Baroque Culture *STUDY ABROAD* 

THEA 4921.03: Special Topics 2 

THEA 4922.03: Topics in Theatre History 

THEA 4923.03: Topics in Dramatic Literature 

THEA 4924.03: Special Topics in Theatre and Cinema 

THEA 4925.03: Puppets: Bringing Objects to Life 

THEA 4931.03: Contemporary Theatre