Auditions for the Acting Program

The first-year acting class (THEA 1801 & 1802) is open to any student, regardless of experience. However, entrance into the next three years of the Acting Program is by audition only. Students may secure a spot in the Acting Program by auditioning EITHER before they enroll in their first year at Dalhousie OR upon completion of their first year. In both scenarios they must complete THEA 1801 & 1802 (or an equivalent at another university) in order to be eligible for the next three years of the program. Students whose auditions have earned their acceptance before enrolling in first year must maintain a grade of B in their THEA 1801 & 1802 class in order or to maintain their spot in the upper years of the program. Scholarship auditions (for students applying directly from high school only) are normally held in March. Auditions for non-scholarship students are normally held in April. Auditions for students who have completed first year are held in April, at the end of the winter term.

Audition Requirements  

A) For new students
Applicants must complete the online application to Dalhousie University, which includes supplemental materials related to the Acting program. Students auditioning directly from high school are eligible for scholarship consideration; for scholarship consideration, the application and all required materials, including reference letters, must be received by February 15. Please see Acting Auditions for New Students for more details.

B) For current students auditioning at completion of THEA 1801/1802
Auditioning students enrolled in THEA 1802 must submit all required materials in hard copy at their audition on April 12th.
Please see Acting Auditions for Current Students for more details.